Derby Day Dress Code: What To Wear

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August 28, 2016

The Derby Day dress code calls for a classic and timeless black & white palette for the prestigious racing event. Fashion is sophisticated and classic with monochrome tones and elegant styles, allowing race-goers and fashionistas to pare back and opt for a more tailored and simple ensemble to master. It’s not all black & white though; while Derby Day may seem understated, it doesn’t mean just throwing on any black or white dress either. Dressing for Derby Day requires just as much thought as it would for any Spring Racing event, as the black and white dress code can be a tad restrictive when choosing an outfit. We offer 3 Derby Day dresses perfect for standing out in the sea of black and white!

GlamCorner’s Derby Day Style

1. Colour Blocking

In fashion terms, monochromatic dressing means wearing one colour or shade, e.g all black or all white. For something different, how about breaking it up by mixing both black and white into the one outfit? You will still be adhering to the Derby Day black & white dress code but by colour blocking it adds a little more intrigue and playfulness; a wonderful option for those who like to get creative. For a daring look, try this By Johnny plunge number. If you wish to wear a fascinator, consider selecting one in the colour of which is more predominant in your dress. For example, if you have a dress with a black full skirt and white bodice, choose a black fascinator to create a more subdued balance.

2. Black on Black

For a classic monochrome look, the humble LBD will always be your saviour! When dressing in all black, it can be easy to feel like Morticia Addams from the Addams Family (particularly after a period of Winter hibernation!) but all-black doesn’t have to be heavy or boring.  Play it up with asymmetric styles or make it modern in an on-trend one shoulder dress. When it comes to the details, pairing a black dress with a white fascinator can add intrigue, while teaming with a complementing black fascinator or headpiece breathes elegance. Below are a couple of fascinators which will look great with an all-black Derby Day outfit:

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Morgan & Taylor - Black Beret With Feathers

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3. White on White

Dressing head to toe in white can be an elegant look. A white-on-white dressing is all about balance and texture. Avoid looking too washed out by avoiding styles which are ‘heavy’ or have no shape or dimension. Opt for a white dress with textures or embellishments or an asymmetrical line to add intrigue as well as to break up the all in white tone. This Santa Fe Midi Dress by Pasduchas is chic and modern with a sheer midi skirt attached to a floral lace bodice. With details, look at getting a spray tan as white can easily wash out fairer skin tones. For fascinators, you can stick to tradition with white complementing styles or opt for a monochrome look by teaming your white dress with black accessories. Below are some fascinators which would work great with these white dress styles:

Morgan & Taylor - Valencia Lace Fascinator - White - Front
Morgan and Taylor - Aisha Black Fascinator - White - Front

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Derby Day Dressing Quick Tips:

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