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DISSH is a proudly Australian fashion brand that is owned, operated, and led by women.

The brand is renowned for its feminine silhouettes, infused with an effortless sense of cool. Drawing inspiration from our roots in the sunny state of Australia, DISSH translates designer luxury into refined yet laid-back pieces.

DISSH combines the grace and sustainability of natural fibers with bold and contemporary designs, offering a wardrobe that effortlessly caters to life's milestones and everyday moments. Every piece is meticulously crafted with careful attention to detail and longevity, allowing our collections to transcend seasonal trends and become timeless staples in your wardrobe.

Lucy Henry-Hicks, the owner and director, comes from a family with a background in fashion retail and has been involved in the industry from a young age. In 2020, Lucy assumed the role of Director at DISSH and spearheaded a significant transformation, propelling the brand to new heights through global expansion. She redefined the design and manufacturing processes, while also cultivating a strong online presence to foster connections with a diverse and inclusive community.