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5 Ways to Wear Statement Stockings this Winter 2017

Traditionally hosiery was worn exclusively by men to protect them from elements such as the cold and sun, however in the 1950s and 60s women started adapting the trend of wearing them with a more fashion conscious approach. ≈

Women now more than ever have so much selection when it comes to statement style hosiery. The possibilities have become truly endless with a large and extensive range of fashion stockings, tights and holdups to choose from.

So join us as we take you through our top 5 styles for the ultimate statement stocking envy at your next special occasion and add the perfect style complement to your endless wardrobe.

Top 5 Winter Style Statement Stockings to try this Winter Season

  1. The Fishnet Leg
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  2. The fishnet statement stocking is the hottest trend for this winter season and, as it is widely adaptable in its nature, has become a household name in the world of hosiery. In the past, the ‘fishnet look’ was associated with punk rock vibes, tattooed rock n’ rollers and all things Guns N’ Roses, but today it has become so much more than that. It effortlessly makes its transition from hard rock edge to a soft ethereal fashion style.
  3. Wear this trend with your next smart casual knitwear dress, semi-formal black mini dress or for a more casual look wear them under your high waisted ripped jeans.
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  2. See above examples for experimenting with different weights, textures, colours and embellishments.
  3. The Embellished Leg

Sources: L-R Esther; Livingly

The embellished statement stocking gives us Parisian high fashion vibes all day long. Admittedly not a style for the faint heart, this look screams bold fashion and will add a bang to your next outfit. The embellished leg is a perfect complement to the simple formal dress or for added drama go all out and match your embellishment with your outfit.

Take care to ensure that you choose a statement stocking style that complements your outfit choice. Steer clear of patterns that may work against or clash with your dress.

To avoid your embellished stocking style looking too over the top (yes there is a fine line ladies!) pair this trend with a similar toned and textured dress for the ultimate semi-formal look.

Sources: L-R Madame; Tumblr; Livingly

See above examples for experimenting with different textures, colours and embroidered embellishments.

  1. The Lace Leg

Sources: L-R Vogue Paris; Aelida

The lace statement stocking is ever so classic, feminine and of course super chic.

This look is so versatile with so many textures and patterns to choose from it gives you endless options when styling your next look. To create a little fashionable drama, the lace stocking is the perfect accompaniment for your little black dress. If you are feeling extra bold, take it to the next level with a head to toe lace on lace look. When it comes to your lace statement stocking look, whatever your final type of selection may be this style will have you feeling effortlessly timeless yet incredibly fashion forward.

Style this trend with your next beautifully laced mini dress or bodycon fitted midi outfit.

Sources: L-R Pinterest; Tumblr; Luv to Look

See above examples for experimenting with different textures, colours weights and thickness types.

  1. The Sheer Black Leg


The sheer black statement stocking is a staple in every woman’s closet as it is incredibly easy, classic and versatile to pull off. Although it is not a super risqué style when it comes to statement stockings, its simplicity in form means it can easily be adapted and transformed into something much more special to suit any outfit. Play with weight, texture and tone for a more or less elusive look. This look is also the most flattering style of them all and suits almost any body type, tall, short, large or small.

At GlamCorner, we love the black sheer statement stocking look and believe us, you will too! Style this trend with your next ruffled chiffon mini or semi fitted midi outfit.

Sources: L-R The Sartorialist; Tumblr; Black Milk Clothing

See above examples for experimenting with different patterns, thickness types and textures.

  1. The Stocking Sock

Sources: L-R Amazon; Vogue Australia

Last but most certainly not least, the stocking sock statement trend. This look has been spotted at many fashion events around the world and will definitely have you feeling uniquely stylish this winter season. The perfect look for the girl that is not afraid to make a fashion statement. A brilliant fashion look if you ask us, we like to refer to it as the go to ‘stocking look’ for quick effortless fashion edge styling. The mini statement stocking is such a powerful look as it offers you the option of not having to commit to the full length statement stocking, making you feel much more comfy and at the top of your fashion game!

Try this look today and you’re instantly upped your fashion game. Style this trend with your next fitted midi outfit or cropped jumpsuit and you’re on point in minutes.

See below our top picks to consider when selecting your statement stocking sock.

The Sheer Sock

Sources: L-R Style Addict; Vogue Paris; Stylecaster

The Solid Sock

Sources: L-R Pinterest; Tumblr; Blogspot

So you see, wearing statement stockings with your outfit this winter season can be ever so fun and fabulous. With so many options and styles to choose from you’ll manage to vamp up your next winter outfit in no time!


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