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Elliatt Dresses

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Delve into our collection of Elliatt Dresses, a celebration of unique design and fashion-forward thinking. Discover pieces that blend boldness with functionality, tailored for every event.


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Elliatt Virgo Dress
$169 to buy$200 retail
Elliatt Ariana Dress Orange balloon
$240 to buy$320 retail
$120.00 to buy
Elliatt Epitomize Set Mint relaxed
$139 rental$479 retail
$104.25 rental
Elliatt Suffage Dress White crew
$109 rental$299 retail
$81.75 rental
Elliatt Danica Dress
$194 to buy$259 retail
$97.13 to buy
Elliatt Leona Dress
$109 rental$249 retail
$81.75 rental
Elliatt Egality Set
$159 to buy$399 retail
$79.50 to buy
Elliatt Solidality Dress Mini
$69 rental$299 retail
$51.75 rental
Elliatt Suffage Dress in Black
$179 to buy$299 retail
$89.50 to buy
Elliatt Reese Set
$419 to buy$559 retail
$209.63 to buy
Elliatt Elevated Dress
$79 rental$289 retail
$59.25 rental
Elliatt Deserae Dress stripe
$159 to buy$319 retail
$79.50 to buy
Elliatt Independence Dress Blue
$99 rental$209 retail
$74.25 rental
Elliatt Independence Dress Black
$99 rental$469 retail
$74.25 rental
Elliatt Virago Dress Blue
$69 rental$229 retail
$51.75 rental
Elliatt Balance Dress Blue midi
$99 rental$279 retail
$74.25 rental
Elliatt Balance Dress Black midi
$99 rental$279 retail
$74.25 rental
Elliatt Growth Dress
$209 to buy$279 retail
$104.63 to buy

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Elliatt's Vision Through Fashion

Our selection of Elliatt dresses is a testament to the brand's dedication to creating fashion that stands out. Elliatt distinguishes itself by marrying avant-garde concepts with wearable artistry. Each dress in our collection is a piece of this vision, designed to bring contemporary flair and distinctive detailing to your wardrobe. Here, innovation meets craftsmanship, offering styles that range from the boldly experimental to the subtly chic.

Tailored For Every Moment

Elliatt understands that a woman's life is a tapestry of events, each requiring a unique sartorial approach. This understanding is reflected in our assortment of Elliatt clothing, where every dress is an opportunity to showcase your personal style. Whether it's a day at the races, a wedding, or a milestone celebration, Elliatt dresses offer versatility and flair, ensuring you find the ideal match for both the occasion and your fashion preferences.

The Elliatt Palette

Diving into the Elliatt collection, you'll encounter a palette of designs that speak to a variety of tastes. Elliatt prides itself on a design philosophy that embraces both the bold and the understated. From striking colour blocks and patterns to refined pastels and monochromes, every piece is a dialogue between colour, texture, and form. This range not only caters to diverse stylistic preferences but also encourages personal expression through fashion.

GlamCorner's Elliatt Offering

Choosing an Elliatt dress from GlamCorner means entering a realm of fashion without limits. Our platform makes it effortless to experiment with Elliatt's unique designs through a convenient rental service, bringing designer fashion to your doorstep. This approach allows you to explore different facets of your style, whether for a single event or multiple occasions, without the commitment of a permanent purchase.

Crafting Your Elliatt Statement

Each Elliatt piece invites you to play with fashion and define your look on your own terms. We encourage you to pair these distinctive dresses with accessories that highlight their unique elements, crafting an ensemble that's all your own. Whether it's through statement jewellery, sleek footwear, or a signature bag, your Elliatt dress is the canvas for your personal style story.

Celebrate Fashion with Elliatt at GlamCorner

Choosing Elliatt from GlamCorner is more than a fashion choice—it's a celebration of your individual journey and style. Elliatt's commitment to pushing the boundaries of traditional fashion mirrors our mission to bring you an ever-evolving, exciting wardrobe. With each Elliatt dress, you're not just getting dressed; you're making a statement. Join us in embracing the extraordinary world of Elliatt, and let your dress be the voice of your personal style evolution.

Recent Elliatt Dresses Reviews

Customers who rented Elliatt Dresses rated on average 4.6 stars based on 1177 reviews.
Price ranges from $39 to $399.
September 26
Perfect fit
Wore this dress out to lunch, comfortable and fit perfectly. Pattern and fabric also nice.
Simone Lear , Wyee Point
September 21
Spring has sprung
Beautiful light weight linen like material was perfect for a Hens Day in the wineries, very comfortable, fit is true to size.
Hired Lexi Dress by Elliatt
Lynn , Sydney
September 12
Great dress for a Ball!
I absolutely loved this dress! It was ideal for a Ball, fun, flouncy and also super comfortable.
Hired Cuba Dress by Elliatt
September 2
Love this dress but where sid the belt go?
Second time renting this gorgeous dress for a red carpet event but mysteriously the belt is not included anymore and has been photoshopped out of the images. It really needs the sash like belt because without it is doesn’t really work as well….
Hired Cuba Dress by Elliatt
Amanda , Mackay
August 17
Absolutely Stunning Dress
My favourite ever hire dress, this dress was absolutely stunning! I wore this to a work event where the theme was "Shining Bright" and received so many compliments! I even had people stopping me in the street asking where I got the dress. I am between a size 12-14 and big busted and this dress was comfortably loose on me, I wasn't tugging and pulling at it, didn't have to wear special underwear and I had such a fun night. I wish I could wear this again but it's such a memorable dress, so it's the absolutely perfect hire gown!! 10/10 would recommend.
Hired Duet Dress by Elliatt
Lyndal , Pheasants Nest
August 1
Perfect Coat
The fabric of this coast is so lux. I wore it on alot of occasions. I love the satin look of this trench compared to alot of others - it makes it great to wear to a more fancy occasion. I wore it to dinner in the city but also with tights during the day.
Hired Decades Detachable Sleeve Trench by Elliatt