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Peter Lang Earrings

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Peter Lang-Khepri Earrings-Brown-Product
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Peter Lang-Rasa Earrings-Gold-Product
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Peter Lang-Drama Earrings-Black-Product
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Peter Lang-Toretta Pearl Earrings-Gold-Product
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Peter Lang-Paige Hoop Earrings-Silver-front
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Peter Lang-Etiquette Earrings-Silver-Product
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Peter Lang-Belita Earrings-Blue-Gold-Product
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Peter Lang-Gioconda Earrings-Gold-Product
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Peter Lang-Termoli Earring-Gold-Product
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Peter Lang-Agnes Earring-Silver-Product
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Peter Lang-Agnes Earring-Rose Gold-Product
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Peter Lang -  Agnes Earring - Gold - Product
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Peter Lang-Marissa Thread Earring-Gold-Product
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Peter Lang-Beri Hoop-Silver-Product
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20 Item(s)

Peter Lang is an Australian accessories label that has been specializing in jewellery and premium leather goods. Founded in 1982, the brand is one of the go-tos for fashion jewellery trends and innovative jewellery designs.

Add a touch of sophistication and elevate everyday looks with Peter Lang’s crystal jewellery and classic stud earrings. No night out with the girls is complete with the label’s wide selection of chandelier earrings and chokers that will go perfectly well with aslip dressor aplunge neckmidi. Sparkly dangle earrings and elegant diamante bracelets are all you need to complement a little black dress or atailored jumpsuitforcocktail parties. Read our blog post for ourcocktail event style guide