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Rent Olga Berg Accessories & Millinery (106)

Polish your ensemble off with super tactile and effortless, fashion-forward accessories.

$29 rental$69 retail

For the past three decades, Olga Berg born from Olga Lippman, has been Australia's one stop for on-trend designer clutches, evening bags, fascinators and headwear. Known for providing high quality accessories, this label prizes designing with a unique Australian flavour in mind, whilst balancing the classic with contemporary, and has been celebrity favourites for Jennifer Hawkins, Nadia Bartel and Lana Wilkinson.

Build your look with a modern confidence and embody beauty through a touches of iridescent sparkle and innovative placements of floral leaves, woven materials and refined geometric weave shapes. Think rich blossom crowns punctuated in high shine metallics to stunning paisley laces that are renowned for adding poise and sophistication to decorate a chalky neutral maxi dresses, or a feather-light chic jumpsuit. Learn more on finding your perfect look with our Gold Coast Cup ultimate style guide.

Recent Olga Berg accessories and millinery Reviews

46 customers who hired Olga Berg accessories and millinery rated on average 4.7 stars
May 8
For a galla
love this bag, fits everything you need on a night out
April 23
Beautiful rose gold
I rented this for a wedding and it was beautiful. I was nervous it would catch on the dress, but it’s made from smooth metal balls so it was easy and beautiful.
April 8
Clutch for a wedding
I hired this clutch along with a dress and while the dress was fantastic, the clutch was disappointing and i wouldn't have used it if I'd had time to find something else. The sparkles had come off on all the edges so it appeared a bit old and shabby.
April 4
Gorgeous metallic mesh bag
This item was so stylish and really set off my outfit: it added that 'glam' factor. I was so glad I hired rather than use an older bag from my wardrobe that didn't quite match/work!
March 12
Raceday headwear
I rented this on the weekend for a Raceday because I didn’t want anything too large or similar to everything else, and this was perfect. It was a great fit and stayed on throughout the whole day. On first impression I didn’t think it would go with my dress but after playing with my hair it worked perfectly.
March 12
Perfect for the races
I rented this for a race day over the weekend and absolutely loved it. The beads give it such great detail, and as mentioned in another review, it really would go with everything. I find that some headbands give me a headache because they're a bit tight, but I didn't have that problem with this fascinator. Definitely recommend it!