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Autumn Racing Style Guide and Tips

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February 26, 2020

Dressing for Autumn racing can be a little more challenging than you’d expect. Usually, you have to consider attire suitable for slightly cooler weather which can ultimately leave you feeling a tad more restricted! The first priority is keeping yourself warm which, as most fashionistas would know, doesn’t necessarily always equal a head to toe stylish look.

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As most large racing events revolve around the warmer spring months of the year it’s kind of a no brainer we seem to associate racing events with fresh floral fabrics and vibrantly pungent colours! However, you don’t have to be perplexed when dressing for Autumn racing events as they can be a lot more enjoyable and exciting than you ever imagined. Sure you might not go for the obvious florals you would in the spring season, but trust me you will have heaps of other options to choose from!

When we start thinking about Autumn fashion we should be thinking about elements such as warm tones, classic silhouettes and rich textured fabrics. These elements will help us create an effortlessly chic Autumn fashion look. So to help you select the perfect outfit this Autumn racing season, we have put together an easy to use style guide jam-packed full of tips on what you should or shouldn’t wear when attending an Autumn racing event this year!

Our Step by Step Style Guide for Effortless Autumn Racing Fashion

1. Picking an Autumn colour

When it comes to picking an Autumn inspired hue you can’t go past the winter classics such as navy, tan or classic black. For more of an indulgent approach try rich jewel toned colours such as deep sapphire blue, opulent ruby red, emerald green or perhaps deep mustard citrine.

Metallic tones are also a big player when it comes to Autumn/Winter hues so for a more refined daytime look add metallic accents to your classically coloured outfit. In saying that, Autumn doesn’t just have to be about the darker colours although it may seem like the obvious choice. Try playing with some subtle colour prints in rich jewelled tones for a perfectly balanced look!

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2. Picking your fabric texture

Cooler seasons call for slightly thicker fabrics which provide protection from the cold and keep the body comfortable and warm. As racing carnivals are predominantly held outdoors, we should carefully consider the fabrics we wear. The correct choice of fabric may ultimately end up being one of the reasons you thoroughly enjoy your event.

Opt for wool blend fabrics for warmth, leather trims are a great way of adding texture and faux fur trims can offer your simple outfit a regal and stylish touch. To add extra warmth wear a thin wool singlet under your dress, however for comfort avoid thin spaghetti singlet straps. Midi length dresses are also a great option to consider!

3. Choosing the right silhouette

On a general note, when selecting a silhouette we should always consider our body type beyond any other factors. However, it goes without saying that certain silhouettes work better than others during the cooler months. The main aim is to try selecting elements that keep you warm and comfortable yet remain fashionably relevant. Try features such as full-length sleeves, high collar necklines or long tailored midi skirts.

Sleeves are a particularly great way to embrace the cooler months yet still stay on-trend. Experiment with sleeve types such as a draped sleeve, layered ruffle sleeve or perhaps even an eye-catching bell sleeve! Although not necessarily a traditional race day look, the jumpsuit is also a great way to embrace the Autumn season. Try it for something different and you’ll feel on-trend and empowered while still remaining warm and comfortable!

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4. Finding the appropriate millinery

Millinery is always key when attending a race day event! It is the fundamental building block of your entire race day look. Though traditionally it’s all about the pops of colour and summertime floral vibes, in winter we must consider a more subdued approach to our headpiece style. When looking for the perfect Autumn racing headpiece, you can’t go past felt millinery.

Other great options for the cooler months are headpieces made from leather or silks which are usually decorated with trimming such as lace or veiling. Go simple with a fedora felt hat or try a metallic silk turban for an understated cool look. Metal crowns or headbands are also a good trans-seasonal piece to add to your Autumn race day look.

5. How to accessorise

Try adding a pair of leather gloves, metallic clutch bag or perhaps an on-trend large jewellery piece to your Autumn race look. Adding metallic accessories can really work well during the cooler months. Try to incorporate your accessories with your winter coloured outfit by adding some silver, gold or rose gold accents to your overall look! Jewels and natural stones are also a great way to add to your understated Autumn style. A dramatic neckpiece or large statement earrings can vamp up a dull look in a matter of minutes. Try it at your next Autumn race day event for a guaranteed luxe feel and that trophy shine effect!

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6. Wear weather-appropriate shoes

When choosing race day footwear always consider comfort over style. Those stiletto heels might look incredible on your foot but chances are that by the end of the day they won’t make your feet feel incredible. Avoid leaving red-faced with your shoes in hand, nobody suits that look no matter how amazing the shoes. Save your killer heels for your next dinner date night or drinks with the girls.

For Autumn racewear, avoid strap heels and instead opt for a closed-toe heel or elegantly fitted ankle boot. Another great option is a peep-toe shoe as it offers you a nice balance between exposed and closed footwear. For extra warmth and a classic daytime look try a slightly opaque stocking. To add extra drama to your look, try adding a statement shocking featuring a patterned or fishnet element.

7. Be Autumn makeup ready

The key to a flawless Autumn makeup look is a well hydrated and exfoliated complexion. Due to the nature of an outdoor event, a well-prepared face will serve you well and give you an overall glowing makeup look. Autumn makeup is about a darker bold burgundy lip complemented by a subtle smokey eye.

Another great tip is don’t overdo it, too much makeup will only make you appear like you have caked it on as a cover-up. Keep it natural and fresh with a lightly pressed mineral powered and slightly bronzed cheekbone. Finish with a subtly lined eye, add a touch of long-lasting waterproof mascara to your lashes and you’re good to go!

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8. Pick a suitable hairstyle

Select a style that compliments your overall silhouette/neckline look. For example, If you are wearing a high neck dress avoid wearing your hair down and instead try styling it up to showcase your beautiful neckline. Also, consider a hairstyle that works for your personal hair type as this will help you in achieving an all-day long-lasting style. Read Also  Get Inspired: Our Top 5 Instagram Looks To Steal

For a no-fuss, easy to wear look try an updo style like a doughnut bun, perfect for keeping your face hair-free. For the more electic of the bunch try adding some drama to your look with a textured braided updo to create a perfect elegantly modern style or perhaps keep it classically simple by wearing your hair out and adding soft waves for a touch of glam!

9. Embrace winter layering

Nothing elevates your Autumn race day look better than adding layering to your style. This can be done using a coat, cape or tailored suit jacket making you look and feel incredible and super cosy. Adding layering to your look can take it to the next level, making a dull outfit instantly more appealing.

To achieve a flawless layered look the trick is simple, use elements from the same colour scheme. For example, if you are wearing a tan coloured dress stick to a neutral colour scheme, whereas if you are wearing blue or navy opt for darker colours when layering. Try adding a cape coat over a bodycon midi dress or a tailored blazer jacket to your form fitted jumpsuit.

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10. Show a little skin

We understand race etiquette is all about classic fashion. It, therefore, goes without saying, you probably should avoid showing off your midriff or selecting a dress with a short hemline for reasons other than a strict dress code. This, however, shouldn’t mean that you can’t show off some skin in a classy and subtle manner.

For a softly sultry look try wearing a lace number with a midi length exposed sheer lace skirt or perhaps a pencil skirt with a small split in the hemline. It’s the little features you add to your look that modify it and make it slightly more elegant and womanly. Other tricks you can try are adding a sweetheart neckline with ruffled hemline detailing to create the illusion of a fuller bust.

Planning ahead – Keep a note of inappropriate race day attire

  1. Thongs for obvious reasons! A big no-no, don’t even try rocking up to a race day in thongs.
  2. Ripped clothing Exposed hemlines/ripped shirts that look more grunge and less chic.
  3. Offensive prints Avoid political statements or vulgar language quotes.
  4. Exposed midriff Besides feeling cold you won’t be appropriately dressed for race day standards.
  5. Mini shorts Save them for the beach not a classy race day event!

The great thing about Autumn race day styling is that the overall experience is a lot calmer and there seems to be a lot less pressure than in the peak fashion season of spring carnivals. This allows you to be a little more expressive and experimental with your look. So go on, get set and make your mark!

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