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bridesmaid dresses

So you’ve decided on the wedding date and you’ve decided on the dress… but what about the bridesmaids? Choosing bridesmaid dresses can be just as difficult, if not more, than choosing your wedding dress! There are so many things to take into consideration; the colours, the cuts, the styles, the cost. Not to mention taking the bridesmaids opinions into consideration; Friend A. loves the champagne but Friend B. says it clashes with her skin tone! If you aren’t super careful it could end up looking like a scene from the movie Bridesmaids! But thankfully we can help make the decision process just a bit easier by offering 3 unique and alternative bridesmaid dresses which are sure to please everyone! Not to mention, these dresses are available to rent year-round which makes choosing a whole lot easier and cheaper!

3 Bridesmaid Dresses to Rent

1. The non-traditional jumpsuit

Bridesmaid dresses alternatives: jumpsuit
Self Portrait - Bell Sleeve Dress with Collar - Front
Crepe Halter Split Jumpsuit - Black

We did an earlier post about Wedding Dresses for the Non-Traditional Bride, and we will carry on the same theme for bridesmaid dresses with our first unique alternative to the traditional dress; the jumpsuit. Jumpsuits are a chic alternative, especially for weddings with an outdoorsy or bohemian theme. Have a look at these gorgeous photos from an All White Beach Wedding where the bridesmaids wore white lace jumpsuits. If this leaves you feeling inspired, check out our gorgeous range of jumpsuits available to rent for your wedding day!

2. Same Colour Palette, Different Dress

Grace & Hart - Renaissance Midi Dress - Navy - Front
bridesmaid dress
Grace & Hart - Renaissance Set - Navy - Front

Themed weddings are becoming ever more popular. The great thing about them is that you can create a colour theme allowing your bridesmaids to wear similar shades but in different styles. For example, you may have a ‘blushing bride’ theme featuring a feminine and floral colour palette, which can transcend into your decor and bridesmaid dresses. The best thing about this is that it allows your bridesmaids to wear cuts and styles that flatter each of them individually, while still keeping in coordination with the decor and theme of the wedding. Choose a dress for your bridesmaids with these ‘sister’ style dresses from Grace & Hart.

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3. Bohemian Bridesmaids

Thurley - Love Lost Dress - Red - Front
Alice McCall - Break my Love Dress White - Front
Thurley - Tryst Gown - Front

Bohemian style weddings are a popular choice for brides to be. Perfect for outdoor ceremonies, the dresses can be more relaxed and floaty with room to be a bit more unique. These three dresses all carry a boho feel and would be perfect bridesmaid dresses for a Wild Bohemian Wedding. Pair with a flower crown and strappy sandals for a gorgeous look and keep the floral arrangements simple and native.


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