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Bridesmaid Trends 2018

Bridesmaid Trends 2018

Gone are the days of the dreaded ugly bridesmaid dress. No longer are we competing with each other, instead we are celebrating and supporting each other’s beauty. Honouring your besties with a stunning gown on your wedding day is the ultimate way to thank your girl gang!

Renting a bridesmaid dress is the perfect way to go all out without splurging all your cash on a dress which will surely only be worn once. Nobody wants a collection of outdated bridesmaid dresses cluttering precious space in their wardrobe (we’re picturing Katherine Heigl in 27 Dresses here!), so do yourself and your besties a favour and jump on this bandwagon!

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This is why we have put together our Ultimate Bridesmaid Style Guide for 2018, no matter your style we have you covered!

The Boho Bridesmaid

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Chic and oh-so on trend, the boho wedding is a Pinterest Bride’s dream! Think Moroccan style rugs, fairy lights galore and of course an abundance of flowers. Don’t stop at the decor, and ensure your bridesmaids are keeping in theme with sheer lace, long flowing fabrics, and a touch of vintage. Complete your style with flower crowns, braids or dainty metallic fascinators, featuring lush and overflowing bouquets!

The Mini

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For the more casual wedding, the mini bridesmaid dress can be a fun addition to the festivities. Try feminine and flattering cuts and pretty fabrics to keep the feeling of the dresses on the side of classy rather than clubbing, experiment with shapes, colours and designs that feel right for your special day and your best gals!

The Mix and Matched

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While twinning can be fun, sometimes expressing our individuality can be much more flattering and make for a more visually interesting bridal party! Keep it in theme, try mixing different styles with matching colours, varying lengths, prints and altering tones and shades! For the stress free bride, try allowing your gang of girls to pick their own dresses – you may be pleasantly surprised! With all unique body types, colouring and personal style, an individual dress may leave your besties feeling more confident than a one-size-fits-all approach to styling.

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The Off-White Bridesmaid

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More and more brides are opting for off-white bridesmaids dresses for a unified and cohesive look to the entire bridal party. While traditionally this may have been seen as taboo, times they are a changin’ and the modern bride knows no such restriction! Certainly not for the traditionalist but for contemporary weddings this fashion trend may be worth considering. Try selecting midi length dresses for your favourite girls, so your show-stopping wedding dress can still be easily identified among the crowd of ivory!

Prints and Florals

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Prints can be such an exciting way to add a burst of style into your bridal party! Whether you opt for graphic and bold, or subtle and soft; florals and prints can add pops of colour and interest, while looking stunning against outdoor backdrops for wedding photos! Try emphasising your print by matching your accent colour to your bouquets as a playful way to bring everything together on the special day.

Glittery Glam

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Give the wow-factor by going all out with glitz and glam on your special day. Think sequins, metallics and majestic designs. Deluxe and extravagant, some sparkle makes everything feel extra special! Whether you opt for a deep copper tone, or the palest gold or silver; your bridesmaids dresses will be fit for a queen!

Feminine Lace

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It’s a classic for a reason, you can’t go wrong with a feminine and lacy bridesmaid style. Traditional and beautiful, a lacy bridesmaid dress adds a touch of elegance to any wedding party. Lace, florals and curls go hand in hand, so perfect for a graceful and luxurious feel. Play with colours! For a luxe and lavish style, opt for navy or a deep wine tone or for a romantic and dreamy look stick with pastels and pretty pinks.

The Pre-Party – How to Take Care of Your Girls!

Whether it’s a handwritten note, or a personalised gift, thanking your girls for always being by your side (and supporting you on your big day!) is an extra special touch. Think embroidered Bridesmaid Kimonos for the morning of the big day, perfect for pampering and girl time! You might like to put together a treasure box for each bridesmaid, full of special mementos from your friendship over the years, even a bottle of champers or a luxe candle can go a long way! However you show it, giving your appreciation to the ladies who know and love you best is a sweet way to show your thanks.



Don’t choose uncomfortable or super high stilettos for your bridesmaids! No matter how well the heels match the bouquets, it isn’t worth a bunch of blistered and barefoot bridesmaids. Choose comfy shoes with a thicker heel and add some cushioned inserts, so your girls can accompany you both down the aisle and on the dancefloor with ease!

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