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Designer Series: EP 09 – Grace and Blaze

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February 19, 2018

Learn about the story behind the label Grace & Blaze as we chat with the founder, Sarah Weinberg. Sarah speaks to GlamCorner about the importance of fit and intricate beading for their brand, and lets us in on the top tips to style your next cocktail look!

Tell us a little bit about when you started Grace & Blaze and what inspired you to pursue fashion design?

Hi, I’m Sarah and I am the designer of Grace & Blaze. I started Grace & Blaze about two years ago now, I’ve been in buying for 20 years and always loved fashion and everything that sparkles. I had an event to go to and I just couldn’t find the perfect dress to wear.

I realised that in Australia what is really missing is evening beaded dresses. I always wanted to have my own business and realised that there was a really big niche in the market that I had been searching for. So that’s when I started Grace & Blaze which is really all about beautiful evening dresses.

Who is the Grace & Blaze girl?

The Grace & Blaze girl is fun and elegant, she is timeless and likes to shine in the crowd!

Where do you find inspiration and how do you translate that into your designs?

I’ve traveled a fair bit through my time in fashion and along my travels I have curated a beautiful collection of vintage dresses, belt and accessories. This inspired me to put these elements into my dresses. It could be a beading layout or a colour that has helped inspired me to create my beautiful designs.

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Grace & Blaze dresses are all intricately detailed. What is the process behind creating one of your embellished pieces and how long does it take?

There are two really important things that need to be involved when it comes to a Grace & Blaze dress. The first is that the garment must fit the body beautifully and comfortably, we really pay attention to how the garment fits. After that, the layout of the beading. We make sure that the beading is perfect, the colours are correct and flow, and that the intricate beading fits on the body the way it’s meant to sit perfectly.

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What is your vision for Grace & Blaze for the next 5 years?

Our vision for Grace & Blaze is to be the number one destination for unique and beaded evening dresses, not only in Australia but internationally.

Do you have any advice for someone who is thinking of starting their own business and also has a young family?

My advice for someone who wants to start their own business is to absolutely go for it! Work hard, keep that passion going and just know that there are going to be some rejections but that’s okay. Just pick yourself up and keep going. Also whenever there is a win, no matter how big or small, just make sure you celebrate!

What are your style tips for a cocktail party?

My style tips for a cocktail party are to never be underdressed and always get your glam on! As far as hemlines are concerned, make sure it’s mini to a middle length and make sure you’re comfortable because it’s all about being social. When you’re comfortable you’ll be able to enjoy yourself and your true self will shine through.

What opportunities for your brand do you see in working with GlamCorner?

I love the collaboration with GlamCorner as It has opened Grace & Blaze up to a much wider audience. What I also love about GlamCorner is that the worldwide problem of never having anything to wear is completely resolved because you have an endless wardrobe to pick from. I think GlamCorner is absolutely fantastic!

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