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Designer Series – The Story behind Pasduchas

Katie McVeigh and Alicia Arcuri at Pasduchas Headquarters

Where It All Started

In this designer series, we 've interviewed designers, Katie McVeigh and Alicia Arcuri on how the brand came to life, their entrepreneurial challenges and business advice, and the benefits of their partnership with GlamCorner.Founded in 2011, Pasduchas came to life after the meeting as design assistants for Cooper St. Clothing in Sydney, Katie McVeigh and Alicia Arcuri. They have made an instant connection and soon saw a collaborative opportunity in their own label which aims to create clothing of elevated French bohemian elegance with modern simplicity.Working nightly at each other’s dining tables and referencing the “pas de chat” ballet technique (with some artistic spelling changes), their first official delivery hit stores just eight months after such humble beginnings. Despite the quick turnaround, Arcuri and McVeigh stress the hard work and careful decision-making involved.

Entrepreneurial Challenges and Business Advice

Having connections and experience is imperative, with their previous work as design assistants proving priceless. “The more information and the more experience and skill that you can have in areas other than designing pretty dresses is going to make you a better businessperson” says Arcuri, citing their earlier days and strengthened network as key to success: “We did have some established contacts, and we knew enough to get us started. And then as time went on, you learn, it’s kind of sink-or-swim.”Katie McVeigh also finds strength in family, describing herself as living proof that motherhood and entrepreneurship aren’t mutually exclusive. “You definitely need to look at who’s around you and who you’ve got to help you along the way. My family, my husband’s family – they’re so great and they help out wherever they can.”As for what the future holds, the pair keep their Pasduchas motto close; the careful “step of the cat” with the ambitious “taking a leap.” They describe the next move as sometimes unknown but nonetheless desirable, with Katie McVeigh stating “We know there is a place that we aren’t, and we want to be there. So we will figure that out.”

Pasduchas x GlamCorner

From the early beginnings, Pasduchas has continually supported GlamCorner in bringing beautiful and stunning garments for our customers, and with Alicia stating “GlamCorner opened up our brand to so many women and girls that may not otherwise know that we even exist”.

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Evident that our customers love the Pasduchas brand, you can read our blog post on our one of our customers wedding guest designer dress hire experience wearing the Composure Gown in Black for more on how the label beautifully caters for women of all shapes and sizes.

Watch the Pasduchas Interview

In this video, the co-founders, Alicia and Katie share the highs and lows of fashion entrepreneurship, advice on business-building, and the origin of their partnership and name.

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