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Designer Series: EP 06 – Elliatt

Launched in 2011 by head Designer Katie Pratt, the Australian label Elliatt has grown globally in a few short years and has featured in international events such as NYFW! We had the opportunity to host Katie for an interview and chat about her brand’s origins and why she loves collaborating with GlamCorner.

Elliatt is stocked in more than 1200 boutiques. Congratulations! What is the story behind your brand, and what motivated you to create your own label?

When I was younger, I actually created my own millinery. I was so inspired by the spring racing carnival, I used to make millinery and sell it at markets. That kind of got me thinking about fashion and the fashion industry.

So I worked for a couple of Australian brands which led me into starting my own brand and finding a bit of a gap in the market for dressy designer occasion day wear that was perfect for spring racing at a more accessible price point.

How would you describe your style aesthetic, and what do you take into consideration when designing the collections?

I’m certainly feminine. I love colour, I love texture and I love detail. I’ve always had an eclectic style and always loved mixing and matching patterns, prints and fabrics. So when I sit down to design a collection, I always like to ensure that there’s interesting and unique textures and fabrications.

Spring is a season for weddings – do you have some tips for styling the perfect spring wedding look?

I feel like the perfect Elliatt look for a spring season wedding event is a lace dress. We’re doing a lot of multicoloured lace dresses with a lot of texture, especially in shapes that show some beautiful shoulder.

What does the next 5 years look like for Elliatt?

Over the next 5 years at Elliatt, we’d really like to grow our brand awareness globally. We’ve grown in quite a big scale across the globe. We’re stocked in 10 different countries in more than 1200 boutiques, but we’d like to complement this growth with better brand awareness, more exciting and interesting PR collaborations to really support all the boutiques and e-commerce stores that stock us.

We read an article that you are opening up 15 stores in China. How exciting! Could you tell us why you chose China for the expansion of your brand?

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China is our fast-growing market at the moment. Our feminine detailed look is really resonating well with the Chinese consumer. So we’re really excited to be launching Elliatt boutiques across the country.

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What have been the biggest challenges you faced and what did you do to overcome those challenges?

I think the biggest challenges with starting a business in fashion and having a global brand is being able to have the systems or resources to grow fast. Also, learning what your strengths are and being able to pick the right opportunities for the scale of your business.

What opportunities for your brand do you see in working with GlamCorner?

I think GlamCorner is extremely innovative! I am just astounded by the set up at GlamCorner and think it’s a very forward-thinking brand. I’m really excited to be a part of and to work collaboratively with GlamCorner because I’m very proud that Elliatt is stocked on such a great new concept!

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