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Top 10 Fashion Tips for A Winter Beach Wedding

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Dressing for the colder season can prove to be a bit of a challenge, especially when you are wanting to look most glamourous. Winter outfits require a little more thought, so we’re here to help with handy tips on being season appropriate but still looking your best!

When we think of winter weddings most of us think of rustic country nuptials, polished modern city ceremonies or perhaps just jetting off to somewhere hot and sunny to celebrate the perfect day.

Winter Beach Wedding
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The beauty of living in Australia is that our winters are relatively mild. Hence the increasing popularity of the ‘winter beach wedding’. Daytime temperatures of the Australian winter normally average around 15 degrees Celsius. So realistically, you only have to consider the cold temperature drop in the evening, provided you get that clear sunny sky in the day. This gives you so many more options to play with! This is why you shouldn’t be threatened by dressing for the cooler months here in Australia but instead, be inspired to create style envy!

In saying this however, dressing as a wedding guest is not the easiest and often raises a list of never ending questions:

What length should I wear? Do I go strapless or opt for sleeves? What fabric do I pick and is this the right colour for the occasion?

The list just goes on and on. Well ladies, no need to stress any longer! We’ll help you fight those winter blues with our tips on how to conquer the traditionally popular summer beach wedding in the colder months.

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1. IDENTIFY WEDDING STYLE – Is it a formal wedding or cocktail wedding? This can determine whether to wear a full-length gown or short dress. If unsure, opting for a jumpsuit or playsuit can be a great alternative.

2. KNOW YOUR TEMPERATURE – Be super organised by researching the average temperature of the location the wedding will be held at. To be comfortable, you need to be warm. Always remember that nothing screams confidence better than comfort.

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3. MAKE YOUR COAT YOUR ACCESSORY – When dressing for a winter event we need to carefully consider the selection of what we will be wearing as our outer layer. It goes without saying that this is potentially what you will be wearing all day, so make a statement by choosing a bold coat.

4. PICK THE RIGHT HUE – While wearing black to a wedding is absolutely acceptable, we need to consider our surrounding elements. The sky is blue and the sand is gold so why not emulate that in your choice of colour. The last thing you want is to stand out like a sore thumb by picking the wrong colour! Neutrals and pretty pastels are your best bet for feeling easy breezy by the seaside.

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5. SHOE SELECTION IS KEY – There is nothing worse than trying to walk elegantly through fine beach sand in a pair of stilettos. Save yourself the trouble ladies, consider your shoe selection. It goes without saying that a flat shoe surface will work much better and save you the trouble of looking like a baby giraffe! If you’re considering to brave the elements and wear heels, go for a shoe with a thicker heel, perhaps wedges!

6. PLAN YOUR OUTFIT IN ADVANCE – Save yourself the stress and avoid selecting an outfit under pressure at the last minute. Consider well in advance and plan what you want to wear as winter events already limit your choice in what you can and can’t wear. Visualising what you’d like to wear in advance can also help eliminate last minute indecisiveness.

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7. CONSIDER THE MAIN ELEMENTS – Instead of completely covering up, opt for lace or sheer sleeves that show some skin without complete exposure. This also offers some insulation, thus keeping you somewhat warm. Floor length dresses can also provide some warmth. However, if you go for a short dress, you may want to consider wearing stockings. Also, take fabric selection into consideration. Breezy chiffon offers an ethereal look for that beach wedding vibe, but you can also try experimenting with richer fabrics such as light weight velvets that will give you a more luxe feel, creating drama through texture and more importantly, keep you warm!

8. EMBRACE THE SKIN YOU ARE IN – If you are planning on getting a spray tan, you might want to consider the outdoor elements and reconsider. Spray tans and the winter outdoor elements are not the best of friends. Save yourself the unpredictability of winter weather and go au naturel. After all, it is winter and nobody is expected to have that sun kissed tan at this time of the year.

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9. KEEP IT FRESH AND NATURAL – Go subtle with your hair/makeup. This isn’t your typical black tie event so avoid the bold smokey eyes and neon brightened lips. Accentuate your natural features with bronzes, highlighters and semi glossed lips. This will compliment your outfit and make it look understatedly elegant for the ultimate beach babe look.

10. DRESS TO FEEL COMFORTABLE – Most importantly, at the end of the day we need to consider that this event is at a beach, so leave your “this is so tight I can hardly breath but I look fabulous look” at home. We need to think soft flowing skirts and textured bodices. Consider whether shape-wear is really that necessary at the beach.

With these simple tips for looking ’winter glam fab’ at your next winter beach event, you should be excited! Remember ladies that these tips just don’t apply to winter beach weddings but can also be applied to other special outdoor events this winter season! And always remember that when all else fails, just dance yourself warmer!

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