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Front Row Queens: What to wear to fashion week


The fashion front row world is changing, and boy don’t we know it. With yet another round of runway shows set to start soon (international fashion weeks begin early September in New York) we are all eagerly awaiting the first front row snaps to appear, so we can see who made the cut – and who didn’t.

From the E-Commerce Queen, to the Social Media Animals, no longer are those who get given front row seats strictly the ones who rule the Fashion Magazine roost. Designers want that first photo to be uploaded to come from someone with social media power – albeit a rather blurry photo, as long as its up, its up.

So, if fashion front row is on your list of life to-dos then take a look at our front row stereotypes, head over to GlamCorner and get their look for a fraction of what they spent on their nail polish.

The Fashion Queen

front row fashion - e queen
Image Source: Pinterest

The leader of the pack, the Fashion Queen doesn’t need to have her name on a front row seat – she will sit wherever she wants, and you can’t stop her. These women have been around for years, and aren’t going anywhere anytime soon.

Look to them for pure class and sophistication, because everything they own is pure fashion perfection. Team a classic shaped LBD with minimal accessories, (drop earrings are perfect) a light weight Trench Coat – in black – and a pair of sling back stilettos. Opt for a pair in a bright colour to break up the colour blocking black.

Dion Lee


Then finish it off with a tiny little clutch because let’s be honest, you’ll have a set of assistants carrying everything else around for you anyway.

The Social Animal

fashion front row - social queen
Image Source: Pinterest

The newest form of front-rower, the Social Animal is young (very young), and radiating fearlessness as she takes her rightfully earned seat next to the golden oldies.

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Some may confuse her for a High-School senior whose managed to bat her eyelids past security, but don’t underestimate her power and prowess when it comes to setting trends on all forms of social media. She’s who you should be asking when it comes to Tweets and Instagram.

front row fashion
front row

If you’re wondering if she borrowed her outfit, probably not – but that doesn’t mean you can’t. Team a modern lace gown in navy with a pair of sheer socks and Gucci-style pumps (low for comfort) then throw everything you need in a cute little backpack because let’s face it, you’ll probably have to run to Uni once the front row antics are over.

The Downtown Editor

fashion front row
Image Source: Who What Wear

She exudes casual elegance and flare, and never puts a foot wrong when it comes to front row fashion dressing know-how. The Downtown Editor knows her stuff, and rightly so, her magazine is our version of the bible – both online and offline.

When it comes to dressing like her, overthinking things will make you stand out like a sore thumb from the crowd. Most likely to be found in pants and an of-the-moment shirt, one must look for easy-to-wear pieces that will get you from A to B and back to A again.

front row fashion

Screen Shot 2016-08-17 at 10.41.30 AM

Opt for a stylish black jumpsuit with a little something extra – think intricate detailing and modern materials, then team it together with minimal accessories in gold for a polished look.


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