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Celebrity Besties: Outfit Inspiration for Your Girls' Night Out

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January 29, 2016

Is there anything better than a Girls’ Night Out? We doubt it. They are so important that we’ve capitalised the phrase, so that should show you how much we love them. Getting together and letting loose with our favourite ladies is not only fun, but necessary to survival and keeping our sanity intact, right?

The only thing better than strutting your stuff front and centre on the dance floor, shrieking wildly with your best girlfriends and the somewhat slurred, but no-less-heartfelt, “I love you”’s when you are all one wine too deep, is getting ready for your night out. Getting the girls together so you can primp and beautify yourself, and each other, snap a thousand selfies together and then hit the town is how some of our best memories are made.

If you’ve got a hot party coming up with your gals and you’re struggling with what to wear, get some inspiration from our favourite fashionable besties. While you’re at it, why not check out our gorgeous range of girls' night out dresses to rent and have one delivered to your door?

Gigi & Kendall

Or “Kengi” as the internet has dubbed them (because you aren’t a thing until you have a combined name!). They’re young, they’re hot and they run with other young, hot things. They both rock a sort of sporty luxe glamour and whether spotted off-duty between walking for brands like Chanel Givenchy or in evening wear, their style is flawless. Steal their all black everything look with these X By NBD and Self Portrait dresses.

Cher & Dionne

These two, plus Brittany Murphy as their pet-project Tai, were #SquadGoals before #SquadGoals was even a thing. Matching-but-not plaid skirt suits, Dionne's insane hats and Tai's turnaround from grunge to prep mean Clueless is maybe the best fashion movie ever made. The most under rated looks in the film? Cher and Dionne's ensembles for the wedding of Miss Geist. Wear this pink Matthew Eager mini-dress for a modern take on Cher's pastel pink number - perfect for your girls' night.

Lorde & Taylor Swift

This could really be dedicated to Taylor Swift and almost anybody famous, the lady is friends with everyone it seems! We love Lorde and Taylor, though, because they seem so different. What started as an almost-Twitter-feud turned into a beautiful friendship and many, many girls' nights out. The contrast in their styles is perfect too - Taylor Swift seems like sunshine personified - right? - particularly in this strapless yellow gown, and prefers ladylike looks, whereas Lorde definitely has a darker, edgier look.

Serena & Blair

Everyone’s favourite upper-East Side on-again-off-again besties, Serena van der Woodsen and Blair Waldorf were on pretty opposite ends of the style spectrum. Blair was classic Queen Bee, with her headbands and prim and proper look while Serena was clearly the free-spirited one. So if you are a demure Waldorf-type through and through and your best friend is channelling Serena's laid back downtown style, remember that opposites definitely do attract.

Kate Moss & Naomi Campbell

If you've ever wished that you and your best friend were actually Kate and Naomi, raise your hand. Yes, that makes all of us. They rose together as supermodels in the '90's and are still besties today, through fame and fortune and their fair share of scandal - that's true friendship. And the outfits? Has there ever been anything more quintessentially '90's than Kate's outfit in the picture above? We think not. It's definitely not a night out dress for the faint hearted, that's for sure.

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