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March 16, 2018

Somebody call Faye Dunaway, the humble beret is making a comeback this Autumn/Winter season! Dating back to the Bronze Age, the beret was traditionally known as the headgear of the shepherds particularly in the south of France. The beret was a hat that was soft, round and flat in style, usually made from a type of woven fabric such as wool, felt or even crocheted cotton.

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Commercial distribution of the beret began during the 17th Century. It is said that the first factory to ever produce berets was in a little workshop somewhere in the south of France dating back to 1810. The beret was then adapted by the French Military in 1889 because of its highly durable wearing qualities. This made them very popular and an important part of uniform amongst Military agencies during the war period.

During the 1920’s the Basque style beret became associated with the working class, hence the production of millions of berets in factories across Europe to keep up with the demand. It also was commonly used as sportswear and, as time went by, it became a fashion statement for both men and women of the Western world!


So, what was the beret used for and who made it popular …?

As Uniform Headgear

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THEN: Used for military uniform clothing during World War II due to its durable wearing properties. The Beret was made famous by British General Bernard (“Monty”) Montgomery.

NOW: Still used today by many military and police units worldwide, particularly in large European cities such as France!

In Fashion Culture

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THEN: During the mid 20th Century women’s fashion saw an increase in the beret hat trend. It was later made famous on the big screen as it was seen on iconic actress Faye Dunaway in the 1967 hit film Bonnie and Clyde.

NOW: Style revival as seen recently on many famous actors, musicians and celebrities, shows us the beret trend is making a comeback.

A Revolutionary Symbol

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THEN: Che Guevara, an Argentine revolutionist famously photographed wearing a black beret with a brass star which would go down in history as a symbol of the anti-establishment.

NOW: Political statements through fashion as a way of spreading awareness is a widely emerging trend.

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How do I style a beret and what do I wear it with … ?

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Are you looking for something a little different but still super on trend? Well then, try adding a fabulous beret to your luxe evening gown for your upcoming winter gala ball. Opt for black on black colouring for a gorgeously glam yet edgy finish. This will keep your look ultra-classic while still giving it the modern twist you desire. Experiment with different textures such as leather, suede or even black sequins to instantly add drama to your playful evening look!

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Get your Bonnie & Clyde look down pat with an edgy leather beret. The perfect option for your next outdoor winter evening event or after work drinks with the girls! For an overall empowered female look as seen at this year’s Golden Globe Awards, keep it all black. Add a touch of rebellious edge by teaming your leather beret with a black fitted blazer and some bold gold accessory accents! To complete your demure look, add a bold mulberry coloured lip and messy rockstar inspired waves to your hairstyle!

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Feel like you are gracefully walking around the streets of Paris with a tailored pant suit set. A fitted pant suit has become the quintessential winter staple of ‘the working woman’ globally. Not only is it super comfortable to move around in, but it can also create a rather chic effect quite fluently. To take this look to the next level why not try adding a felt fabric beret to your style, keeping you perfectly warm for those chiller winter morning walks to work!

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With Autumn racing season just around the corner, a statement beret might just be the look you have been searching for! Place your fashion bets on a dramatic statement beret featuring strikingly bold finishes such as oversized fishnet tulle mesh, metal loop stud pressing or perhaps intricate bead work/embroidery. Try it at your next Race day event or even at a met gala inspired evening winter ball. Add to your femme fatale look with sultry smokey eyes and softly glossed lips.

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The Gingham trend is so very happening ATM, so why not add to your look and modify this classically feminine Parisian style with a slightly slouched beret hat. Keep it consistent by choosing a beret colour that picks up the hue of the checkered gingham print. To finish off your relaxed daytime fashion look, sweep your hair back off your face or pin back into a soft waved bob hairstyle! For an extra luxe touch, try adding a pair of statement earring to your finished look.

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Winter is coming … keep it warm and fluffy with a bold statement fur coat which you can easily and elegantly layer over your crisp look this winter season. Add to your trendy look with an oversized black woollen beret. When adding a beret to this look, try and keep your headpiece simple and understated as a contrast to the loudness of your powerfully coloured faux fur coat.

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Matching the colour of your outfit to your beret can come off as a bit of an overkill, however if done properly the results can be more surprising than you would ever think. The trick, or should I say absolute key, to making this look work is in making sure the colour tone you choose is the same throughout your look. Avoid different tones of the same colour which can leave your overall style looking messy and a bit confused.

Tip* Not so confident with one colour? Try breaking it up with black or white accents to softness your overall look!

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Probably the most easy to wear style of them all, the feminine dress featuring the relaxed fit beret will have you feeling romantically ravishing in a matter of minutes! Nothing encapsulates relaxed fashion de jour more than a beret teamed with a beautifully soft feminine floral print dress, perfect for day to day wear and also super transferable for day to night wear!

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