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How to Wear Midi Dresses in Winter

While we all love the slightly cooler weather and the fashion that follows (read: fur coats, knee-high boots and big woollen scarves) our wardrobes, year in-year out, tend to fill up with those awkward length midi dresses. Styling such a look in the winter months, may at first seem a little confusing, but when paired with the right accessories, your midi dress can go from summer, to winter, and back again with no problems at all.

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Image Source: Tululah; Pinterest

Autumn/Winter trends for this year (much the same as every year, in fact) haven't seemed to shy away from the midi dresses, and with good reason too! While the calendar may be telling us that winter is coming, the weather (thank goodness) is showing us something entirely different. For this reason alone, it's no wonder designers are continually showcasing collections full of awkward length dresses and skirts during their Autumn/Winter shows.

So, ignore the pre-conceived ideas that shorter, flouncier, and lighter dresses should be saved for Summer. It's time to break out those mid length dresses and let me them see the light of day. Be it the somewhat cooler, dimmer, winter light of day.

Love to Layer

slip with t-shirt midi dresses

Image Source: Pinterest

The best thing about midi dresses (and the reason our wardrobes are full of them) are their ability to work across all seasons, no matter what the weather. While floor length gowns tend to err on the more 'formal' side, and mini dresses are best kept for the hotter months, middi dresses give us the 'coolness' of a shorter hem, and the 'smartness' of a longer length gown.

For a more casual approach to styling midi dresses, throw a white or black t-shirt (short or long sleeved) on underneath a looser styled, plain coloured dress, and team with a pair of heeled boots to make the overall look acceptable for an event, or casual sneakers for an every-day style.

If your dress-code dictates something a bit more formal, toughen up light and flowy, floral printed midi dresses with a black leather, biker jacket. Take from the latest trend, and look for one with a belt around the waistline, and silver hardware. For a polished finish, team the dress and jacket with with some chunky silver rings and a pair of plain ankle-strap heels.

Happy Feet

Shoes and midi dresses

Image Source: Tommy Ton

The trick with awkward length dresses is finding a pair of shoes that will match the overall look, without detracting from the star piece of your outfit. If you scroll through any Streetstyle fashion bloggers Instagram, you'll find endless snapshots of midi-dress wearing women who've styled their gowns with a pair of Adidas, Converse, or Nikes. No matter how fancy your frock, a comfy set of sneakers can make any look streetstyle snap worthy!

We do know, however, that sneaking around a party in your sneakers isn't always dress-code acceptable. So, for those whose midi dresses are worn to the more stylish of occasions, choosing a shoe colour (and style) that matches the tone of your dress (obviously) will work best.

For darker colour dresses (navy, black, or merlot red) opt for a black heel or boot - style wise, it very much depends on your dress. Tight midi dresses will look better when teamed with a plain black pump or gladiator-like heel, while midi dresses with a bit more volume suit a chunkier block heel or detailed boot.

Paler colour dresses then, should stick to the lighter toned shoes. Boots can work with these dresses as well, however, be aware of dark colours that are too harsh, as they can detract from the softness of the paler tones.

Clever Cardigan

midi dresses and cardigan

Image Source: Harper and Harley

No matter how 'grandma' you may feel, the casual cardigan and chunky knits have taken the spotlight in the fashion Streetstyle world. Take this as very, good news! Now you can team your midi dresses (casual or formal) with a cosy 'cardi' and keep yourself as snug-as-a-bug-in-a-rug from morning to night.

Inject some texture to a fuller skirted dress with a thick cable-knit jumper, while a figure hugging garment would be nicely styled with a long length, cashmere cardigan. Don't fear the overall 'casual' look of cardigans and knits, when styled right they can make for a perfect winter outfit.

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