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Introducing: Customer Reviews & Photos

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October 23, 2015

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We're incredibly excited to introduce an exciting new feature to GlamCorner: Customer Reviews & Photos.'Reviews and photos' are content provided by our customers like you - who are always happy to share their experience with us and other GlamCorner users.These reviews and photos will help you make more informed decisions before you rent - making it a little easier to find answers to those critical questions when shopping...

We also ask you to provide some additional information when you send us your reviews & photos - your fashion style, the type of the occasion you wore your dress to, and some more personal ones like body type - to give your review that extra bit of context needed to make it even more helpful for others.We've been receiving photos and feedback from our users since the day we launched GlamCorner - but never had the opportunity to share them with you from our site. So today, we are finally making this happen and we are very excited about it! :)How It WorksSubmitting and viewing reviews & photos is very easy. We will send you an email a couple of days after you received your rental dress. Simply follow the 'Write a review' link provided in the email - and add your review, photos and other details in the submission form. That's it!Your review and photos will go up on our site within 24 hours - added below the dress on the dress page.Here's how reviews and photos look on our site:

GlamCorner - Customer Reviews

We hope you'll love this new feature as much as we do.If you have any questions, comments or feedback about this new feature or our service in general - please comment below, or drop us an email on We would love to hear your thoughts.Happy renting!

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