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Picking the right jumpsuit for Your Body Type

When it comes to choosing a suitable jumpsuit for your body type, the mere thought of it can be enough to send even the best of shoppers running. Considered to be one of the trickier trends to tackle (and rightfully so) it's no surprise that many-a-fashionista tend to avoid the look altogether.

We all know that not everyone's body are the same, and while associating ourselves with the varied inhabitants of a fruit bowl may seem a little odd, it's a delicious way of deciding what clothes will best suit each figure. Not every jumpsuit style will cinch in at all the most flattering spots, nor will every length accommodate a lady with a long torso.

So, to ensure you don't have to hop from changing room to changing room, shop to shop trying to find the perfect shaped jumpsuit, we've done the hard yards for you! Searching for that perfect jumpsuit for your body type is about to get a whole lot easier.

Apple Body Figures

jumpsuit for your body type - apple

Image Source: New York Magazine

For those of you who fall into the Apple-shaped fruit bowl, or simply do not like having something tight fitting around your waste, look to jumpsuits that are designed with 'room to move'.

Opt for a jumpsuit that has properly fitted pants (avoid tight-fitting legs, instead, look for wide, loose fitting legs) that sits around your midsection. This will ensure your derriere is smartly shaped and sculpted, and your legs look as though they go on and on forever.

Contrast the tailored pants look of the jumpsuit with a loose fitting top; something that drapes, crosses-over or shapes your shoulder bones and décolletage to be the main feature.

Don't get scared away by the extra fabric, the slight tightness at the waist contrasted with loose style legs and a draped style top will create the illusion of an enviable hour-glass figure.


jumpsuit for your body type - petite

Image Source: Pinterest

Finding a jumpsuit for your body type isn't as simple as it may first seem. For those of you who have the teeniest, tiniest of body frames, navigating the drapes, folds and flared pants can be a daunting task. There's nothing worse than swamping your figure in an entire role of fabric, so try and steer clear of jumpsuits with silhouettes that have little shape, and resemble more of a potato sack than anything else.

Look to jumpsuits that cinch in at the waist and have fine detailing at the top. Spaghetti straps and corseted jumpsuits will show off your petite frame, and when contrasted with a relaxed style pant will give the illusion of a few little curves. Alternatively, opt for a slim-fitting pant accenting your long, lean figure.


jumpsuit for your body type - pear

Image Source: Cosmopolitan

For those whose derrière can rival Beyoncé's, here are our top tips to finding the perfect jumpsuit for your body type. Opt for something with contrasting colours on the top and bottom to break up the overall look. A light-coloured bodice will draw attention to your upper body, while the darker bottom will minimise your pear shape, but not so much that you can't flaunt your envious curves.

If you're looking for a single coloured jumpsuit, opt for one with contrasting volume top and bottom. Show off your pear shaped body type with a 'coke-bottle silhouette': tight up top, volume at the hips and tapered around the ankles. Try for the top half with a deep-v or cut-out cross-over, balancing the volume down the bottom with a flash of skin up-top.

Curvy Figures

Jumpsuit for your body type - curvy figure

Image Source: Pinterest

For the curvier ladies - those with hour-glass figures reminiscent of the Kardashian klan - the key to finding the perfect jumpsuit for your body type is to look for ones that will enhance all your curves.

Look for something with a defining waist line, drawing the jumpsuit in in the middle and creating that perfect hour-glass figure. Corseted, strapless jumpsuits or ones with a deep-v and sleeves suit perfectly the bigger breasted women.

Avoid anything high-necked, these shapes will swamp your figure loosing the overall hour-glass figure. Instead, opt for a style that will emphasise your curvy body type's features. Think along the lines of clean-cut silhouettes and all-over prints to really enhance your seriously enviable courses.

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