GlamCorner partners with Australian Red Cross for Earth Month

GlamCorner is partnering with Australian Red Cross for Earth Month 2018 to promote the recycling of pre-loved clothing, the reduction of Fashion Waste and to showcase the benefits of Circular Fashion

As part of Earth Day on April 22nd 2018, GlamCorner has partnered with the Australian Red Cross as part of an Earth Month Clothing Donation drive to educate consumers about ways they can help to reduce fashion waste and to promote the recycling of pre-loved clothing. During Earth Month participants can donate pre-loved clothing to Australian Red Cross stores and outlets via GlamCorner’s nationwide return-delivery network at no additional charge.

Australians discard 23 kilograms of clothing per capita every year and this results in six tonnes of textiles and clothing contributed to landfills in Australia every 10 minutes (1)Source: The Sydney Morning Herald, War on Waste: Craig Reucassel confronts supermarkets over ‘ugly’ bananas, 14 May 2017. With recent changes to Chinese laws resulting in a billion kilograms of Australian recycled materials needing to be reallocated elsewhere (see article here), Australia is facing a new era of how to manage and reduce textile waste. Globally, the Fashion industry is the second largest polluting industry after the Oil & Gas industry and contributes 1.2 billion tonnes of carbon toward greenhouse gas emissions every year – an amount larger than that of international flights and shipping combined (2) Source: Ellen Macarthur Foundation, “A new textiles economy: Redesigning fashion’s future”, 27 November 2017.


Recent global reports revealed that every second the equivalent of one garbage truck of clothing waste is burned or landfilled while the recycling of clothing material back into new clothes is less than 1%. (3)Source:

To help curb the build up of clothing waste in landfills and reduce the environmental footprint of the fashion industry via the sharing benefits of the Circular Economy, GlamCorner and Australian Red Cross are partnering for Earth Month 2018 to offer participants a convenient channel to donate and recycle pre-loved clothing and give them a new lease of life.

Here at GlamCorner, we are big believers in the power of the Circular Fashion movement and the positive impact it can have on both the end-customer’s experience and on the environment. You can read more about the momentum behind the global Circular Fashion movement and its supporters such as Stella McCartney here.

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Join us this earth month as we take yet another step towards reducing fashion waste!

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How our partnership with Australian Red Cross works

The partnership will run from 16th April to 16th May 2018 and during this time all GlamCorner customers can use the prepaid Australia Post return satchels that are provided with every single GlamCorner order to donate any pre-loved clothing items and accessories they wish to donate.

All you need to do is:

  1. Find any pre-loved great quality clothing or accessories you no longer wear or need.
  2. Place them in the pre-paid satchel provided in your GC Box during Earth Month.
  3. Post back your satchel like you normally do when hiring from GlamCorner.

These satchels can be placed into any Australia Post postbox and sent to GlamCorner for processing where they will then be sorted and donated to Australian Red Cross.

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Where do the donations go?

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All items donated during this Clothing Donation drive will be collected and sorted by GlamCorner and then inspected by Australian Red Cross to be sold in one of their 160+ shops around Australia. Funds raised from this partnership will go towards supporting the humanitarian work of Australian Red Cross.

Who are Australian Red Cross and what do they do?

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The Australian Red Cross is a leading humanitarian aid charity that provides services and programs Australia wide. Their work spans from international aid and support for rural communities, to blood donation and broader humanitarian services. Australian Red Cross is building a better society based on people helping people with a purpose to reduce suffering across Australia and internationally through mobilising the power of humanity.

The Australian Red Cross offers individuals and families relief in times of crisis. Red Cross Australia is a humanitarian organisation that stands for the idea of ‘building a better society based on people helping people’.

A very big Thank You to the whole team at Australian Red Cross for joining us in this initiative. You can learn more about Australian Red Cross on their website:

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Our goals for this initiative

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Our aim here at GlamCorner is to encourage our customers to learn more about the benefits of sharing fashion (we all do it anyway!) and for other fashion retailers see that we all have the power to make a positive change in our industry to curb fashion waste. We encourage them to join us in the fight to help reduce fast fashion landfill contribution and encourage responsible and ecologically sustainable waste management in our industry and our communities.

GlamCorner believes in a better future where circular fashion, and in particular fashion rental, will become an everyday way to access and consume fashion and apparel. We believe we can make a valuable contribution to our community with your help! Join us in this movement, join us this #earthmonth and tag #glamcornerau when making your contribution.

For more on this topic, read our blog post The Sustainable Revolution – A War on Fashion Waste.

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