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Style Guide: What to wear to a wedding shower

Almost as important as the wedding outfit itself, what dress you wear to the wedding shower can make for a tricky decision. When picking the perfect frock, take cues from the location, weather and dress code, and of course, whatever you are going to feel comfortable and fun in.

Whether you opt for the traditional party dress, or follow your more 'fashionista-sista' side and go for a two piece ensemble, take a look at our hot tips for a bit of GlamCorner style advice!

Casual and Comfy

wedding shower casual stripe off-the-shoulder dress

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Some couples just don't feel the need to go all-out for their wedding shower. So, if the event you're soon to attend just so happens to fall under this category, then consider yourselves lucky!

Presumably, the wedding shower will be held somewhere cool and casual, meaning, your outfit should fit the bill! Take some style cues from the latest trends, (read: simple lines, smart detailing and design) and look to brands like A-line Label, Third Form, Josh Goot and Dion Lee for some casual and comfy, yet simplistically stylish pieces.

If the wedding shower happens to be a day event, opt for an outfit made from lightweight materials; that way you can stay cool during the warmer hours, and throw on a jacket or trench-coat come nightfall. (If the party keeps on kicking, that is.)

Camilla dresses and jumpsuits are perfect for occasions like these. The simple design lines, and fun, quirky colours means there's an option to suit everyones taste. The best thing about them?! They aren't just for the younger crowd! If you're the MOB (Mother of the Bride) why not throw on one of Camilla's Kaftans or longer dresses. You're sure to stand out from the crowd with these colour popping garments!

Winter Warmers

Winter dress for wedding shower

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Possibly the trickier of occasions to dress for, there's always an endless list of questions that go running through ones head when dressing for winter wedding showers. The simplest trick to mastering your outfit for events such as these, is to ensure all (or at least most) of your limbs are covered.

Don't want to wear a floor length ball gown? Easy. Opt for a swinging sixties inspired shift dress - in a cool print or lace of course - with sleeves! The cute a-line cut of these dresses look good on any figure, and the sleeves will stop you from having to cart a bulky coat around with you all night. Pair back with some sheer tights and a chunky, detailed heel to complete the look.

If swinging sixties, however, aren't your thing, take a cue from the latest winter trends and stick to the thicker fabrics for some extra warmth (think: velvet, ponti-knits and wool). Or, find yourself that perfect winter coat, throw it over your shoulders and let it keep you warm all night - while the others huddle by the heaters, freezing.

Fine Dining

emerald green formal wedding shower dress

Image Source: Carmen Hamilton

The sit down dinner in the hatted restaurant, you know this couple are going to pull out all the stops. Obviously then, so should you! This is the occasion where that designer frock (for a small fortune) you've had sitting in your shopping cart for foreverr is now completely justifiable.

While not quite cannes red-carpet worthy, this wedding shower calls for an elegantly styled outfit that's going to fit the 'formal' dress code. My top tip: look for modern shapes and lines (read: geometric folding of material and asymmetric hemlines) in rich colours that, when styled with a simple stiletto, will make for the perfect take on old-world formal dinner dining.

As sophisticated as floor length gowns are, why not opt for something a littler 'funkier', and try the cheaters two-piece ensemble: a jumpsuit! Designers are (again) finding the serious fun in crafting the perfect jumpsuit, so there's plenty to chose from. Look for one with full-length pants and luxury materials to ensure you don't turn any heads, for the wrong reason, when you walk in the door.

Top to Toe

Marble heels for wedding shower

Image Source: Topshop

The finishing touches, to finalise the look, are definitely as important as the dress itself. Knowing where you are going to be celebrating the newly-engaged-couple will help when choosing your accessories. Anything with grass: steer clear of the stiletto, they're an accident waiting to happen!

Match the style of your shoe to the overall look of your outfit. If the dress, skirt, jumpsuit is the main attraction then pair it back with a simple shoe - minimalism at its best. If what you're wearing is elegantly simply, team it with the latest 'it-bag' or a statement heel that's going to help start conversations with even the most awkward of second-cousin's-daughter's-boyfriend.

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