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Summer Fashion Trends 2018/2019

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December 5, 2018

Roll down your high necks and slip into summer! Celebrate the new year energy with individuality and get ready to style a multitude of cruisey trends that are dying to be worn.

With HEAPS of styles to spare, from primary hues to comfortable sheers, swap your evening dresses in favour for cool separates and versatile pieces. First of all, colour is one of the easiest ways to energise your 2019 wardrobe, and what better way to match your shades of fruity mimosa to clean-cut, casual accessories. Get saturated in the sun and in-seasonal styles. Scroll down to see what we’ll be picking from the fashion pool to wear, and choose yours!

Season of love // THEME

You can expect to find something to love in the 2019 new year. Fashion is speaking a dual dialect with both femininity and masculinity intertwining in a summer romance. The result? Clothes that look elegant, whilst sculpting a boost of confidence. From broader shapes and relaxed silhouettes, experience a more accessible take on androgyny. Of course, reds and pinks make a dominant entrance as well.

Light as air camisole dresses are re-invented for daywear from their lingerie counterparts, that aren’t uncomfortably tight or revealing, and guaranteed to keep you feeling endlessly cool. Dial seduction down to the everyday. Take the super romantic prairie maxi dress or sweetheart neckline and pair it with puffed shoulders for more edgy, masculine styling meant to empower. Check yours in with a pair of trainers or add a touch of nostalgia with micro pleats to elevate.

En blanc to En beige // COLOUR

For those more neutral minded, take a more down to earth approach. It’s time to lighten up this summer season! From sand to tan, and fleshy nudes, this warm and inviting tone has brought us back down from celestial heights of the angelic white. Bringing with it a more natural feel and minimalist style statement this shade is our new neutral zone.

Search amongst this light earthiness for more muted linen fabrications or an internationally sleek pairing of head-to-toe separates. Whether you’re pulling off cycling shorts and a blazer, or a classic light trench in one of it’s 50 lighter shades, be sure to make the most of its laid back utility feel. Similarly, pair beige sandals with a rusty red maxi dress or fuse together with denim jeans for a truly chic example on how to work it for a more casual experience.

Head over shoulders // ACCESSORY

Hats, headgear and head scarfs. Summer’s not complete without something shading your eyes – but which option will take your fancy? Trending under the limelight, but fast becoming a crowd favourite is the veiled hat. They’re alluring, with a wink of drama. Seen in soft pastels paired with flower arrangements or silk ties, has renewed this style into an everyday summer staple accessory .

Have a light romance with more breathable materials. Certainly, raffia sun hats are making a comeback, and chic scarves have also been revised. Wear yours in a saturated, all-over clash print or wrap it around in a turban-style, classed as one of the easiest and most effortless styles to wear of hat trends. Debut an embellished brooch atop or add a scarf to reinvigorate your 70’s inspired ladies-who-lunch summer look.

Bow Wow // DETAIL

May we suggest a bow to decorate? Forget layers and frills, and discard your diamonds, your next disposition could be the romantic bow. One of the new season’s most feminine trends, these clever details are able to punctuate the most minimal designs. Opt to decorate this embellishment in a bow-tie or pin a super-sized, festive bow on your shoulder in a statement finish. Furthermore, trail a larger than life bow as a sweeping cape for the more illustrious, or slide your feet into grosgrain bow mules for a more subtle effect. It seems like it’s all about a fanciful impulse here.

Right now, a good OOTD is all about the details! The sweet bow trend is your chance to rediscover a sense of ease when dressing with more detailed pieces. Whatever your embellishment of choice is – from the smallest beauty to the brightest design – why not try your hand at simply swapping your buttons for bows to begin your ultimate transitional style.

All the prints // DETAIL

We’ve got wallpaper florals, ditsy dots and graphic prints. Applications are now open! There’s a change in winds from fashion’s preoccupation with only spring florals. Buy into the branding trend with a inspiring logo smeared across your tee, or clash an all-over merry print fusion. Even the most severely tailored silhouettes will breathe a lighthearted sigh. Contrast your pure with the proud and loud, or mix in a kaleidoscope splatter or retina-searing neon hue instead.

Above all, we also fondly welcome the return of classic favourites such as vertical candy stripes to mixed bouquet flowers to help key in your individual styles. Make it distinct with a signature colour or deviate more towards enhancing the poppy flower. For instance, hues to try here are green, red and orange, and are definitely in line to make all the difference from the micro to macro.

Bon voyage winter!

We really can’t wait! It seems like the summer countdown is nearly done, so what will YOUR style be like? For more trips and tricks on what to wear, update yourself on the here and now from past seasons with our summer fashion trends from 2017/2018.

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