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Top 10 Fashion Hacks For Summer

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December 7, 2015

    Summer is here and as things heat up, it can be difficult to maintain your composure. We've put together some fashion hacks below on how to stay cool, calm and chic while beating the heat this summer.
  1. Mesh & Lace

Mesh detail was all over the runways for this season, popping up at DKNY, Balenciaga and many more. Panels and flashes of mesh give a sporty vibe, and help keep you cool by letting air get to your skin. More girly-girl than sports-luxe? Swap the mesh for flirty lace instead, as endorsed by Preen and Erdem.

  1. Dry Shampoo

Contrary to popular belief, daily washing really isn’t good for your hair. All that shampooing strips away oils essential for healthy locks, and can cause a build-up of parabens and other not-great-things that make hair dull and heavy. Also, drying and styling your hair when it’s 40 degrees outside is, frankly, a chore. Now is the time to invest in a high quality dry shampoo. Spray it on clean, wet hair and it’ll make your ‘do stay fresh for longer, or use it to eke out more time between washes – less time washing means more time frolicking in the sun, after all!

  1. Natural Fibres

Try to choose clothes in fabrics like cotton, silk or linen, or that are made up of at least 90% natural fibre. They are lighter and more breathable than their synthetic cousins, making them easier to wear on super-hot days. Also, a bonus tip on fabrics – avoid lined dresses and jackets, that extra layer between you and the breeze is enough to take a look from stylish to sweatbox in no time.

  1. “No Makeup” Makeup

Contouring has been 2015’s makeup story, there is no doubt, but summer calls for something a little less full-on. Take advantage of your sun-kissed skin and keep makeup to a minimum. Go for a touch of mascara, a great brow and just a little light-coverage foundation or tinted moisturiser – that way you won’t have to mourn for your makeup if you choose to take a dip at the pool.

  1. Hats

Everybody knows how bad the sun is for you skin, so, we’re sure you already protect it by doing all the right things – applying sunscreen, not baking outside during the hottest hours and keeping covered up when you can. Another easy step you can take? Wear a hat. Not only will a gigantic brim add some glamour to your poolside ensemble, it will keep the sun off your face, neck and hair helping to keep you unbothered by the heat.

  1. Triangle Bras

Basically the same principle as our bonus tip on lining in #8 – the more material between your skin and the air, the hotter you will be. A padded bra is tantamount to a sauna (or a very hot prison) for your breasts, don’t put them through it. Substitute padding for a stylish and sexy unlined triangle bra, they are comfortable, easy to wear and “the twins” will thank you for it.

  1. Cold Shoulders

Shoulders have been in focus in the fashion world for some time now, but summer is their opportunity to come centre stage. Highlight them with an off-the-shoulder, halter or “x”-neck dress, as seen at Givenchy, for a seriously cool style statement.

  1. Stand-out Sunnies

An obvious summer-time accessory hero, sunglasses are an integral part of any summer wardrobe. This year, go for round frames to evoke a retro feel in line with the current obsession with everything 70s or do a classic white frame for a refreshing and pared-back look.

  1. All-White

For breezy elegance, pair up all-white separates. Dark colours act like magnets to heat, so sticking with white is a foolproof way to beat the heat this summer, and, an added plus? All-white always looks super chic.

  1. Rent, Don’t Buy

The temptation to venture a mall is all too real when summer is at its peak, after all, who doesn’t love free air-conditioning? You go from store to store, revelling in the manufactured icy-cool relief from the blazing sun, and before you know it you’ve succumbed to impulse-buying.

You’re not sure when you might wear the embellished, suede maxi skirt, it’s definitely too heavy for summer, but you bought it anyway, along with the all-wrong-for-you blouse for your work Christmas party next week. Don’t put yourself through it – stay stylish, protect your wardrobe from unnecessary clutter and considering renting a dress for your summer events instead.

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