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What to Wear for Date Night

Date night. It can force even the most fashion-savvy of us to venture into the very depths of our closets in a panicked search for that perfect outfit only to end up standing desperate & defeated wailing "But I have nothing to wear!!"

Whether it's a first date or you and your significant other's weekly Friday night routine, the struggle is very real!

You want to look your best, but you also want to be comfortable; especially during those awkward first-date moments shared over a dinner table or bucket of popcorn! ("Will he foot the bill?" "Is there something in my teeth?") The last thing you need is to be feeling uncomfortable ("does this make me look flabby?" "Is my dress cut too low" "I can't breathe!") as this will only lead to being too consumed in your own discomfort and leave you with no time to actually enjoy the date.

In this post we'll share our most flattering and practical outfits for date night with inspiration from celeb couples - and no, you don't need to have a million-dollar bank account or Jay-Z on your arm to make these outfits work for you!

To begin the list, who better to base your perfect date night outfit off than the 'Queen B' of effortless chic herself, Beyoncé!

1. The Romper/Playsuit

Beyoncé dresses for date night with a sexy but fun twist, wearing an all-white romper teamed with metallic kitten heels and a black leather jacket. This outfit works because it's both casual and flirty. Our 'Te Amo' White Playsuit from Stone Cold Fox is the perfect dupe! Pair with a spray tan to really make the outfit pop and your date won't be able to avert his eyes! Complete the look with a sassy black leather-look jacket and a cute purse to hold your emergency lipstick for those sneaky bathroom breaks!

2. The Jumpsuit

Model Chrissy Teigen takes a smart classic approach to date night dressing with a tailored black jumpsuit paired with a blazer for comfy cool. Jumpsuits look great teamed with strappy sandals or a pair of sexy heels and are a winning option for the approaching cooler months. The Ottavia Pantsuit paired with a smart jacket or blazer may not have John Legend crooning in your ear over your shared dessert, but it comes pretty close!

3. The Playful Dress

Nothing says romantic like a feminine dress. Keep it playful and cute with a floaty dress like this one from Grace & Hart. Pair with pumps or lace-up flats for a pretty look. Try a skater-style dress for a different edge; these dresses come with a fit-and-flare fit which gives a head-turning silhouette. Dresses are always a winner when it comes to date night! Perfect for a romantic dinner or a picnic in the park, slip one on and you will instantly feel feminine and fun.

The most important aspect of any date night outfit is to dress according to your own personality and style. So many times we get caught in the trap of dressing to impress the other person as opposed to capturing the essence of you and who you are. Think about it; do you want your date to be impressed by the real, authentic you or the one that you portray behind a sparkly dress when you are really more boho chic?

4. Dress like You

Young flirty couple with wine at a club lounge

The real balance when it comes to finding the right outfit for these types of occasions is perfecting both comfort and style. Think about the past outfits you have worn which made you feel the most confident or sexy or fun and try taking inspiration from this. Also the theme of your date plays a big part too! You don't want to end up wearing stilettos and a mini dress and later find out your date has purchased tickets for a round of mini golf! This may all seem self-explanatory, but it is amazing to witness how many of us try and squeeze into something un-comfy for style's and fashion's sake or because it's what our friends would wear instead of dressing to what makes you feel good.

If you feel good in what you are wearing, your date is going to find you gorgeous regardless! The perfect date night outfit is all about your own confidence and magnetism that should be complemented by your clothes, not taken over by them. So reassemble that torn-out wardrobe, slip on your most comfy and confident outfit (even if it is a pair of jeans and a cute top! Go for it!) or take some cues from the celeb babes above and make it a date to remember!

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