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Beach Wedding Style Guide: What to Wear

Getting an invite to a beach wedding is an automatic understanding that your hosts are cool, casual, and looking for a great time. Come the cooler months however, sorting out what to wear can pose a few awkward questions: Do I wear a jacket?; Do I wear a winter-suitable dress?; Should I wear boots instead of heels? #thetrickystuff

Fear not! Take a look at our Beach Wedding Style Guide for a top to toe outline of our top tips when it comes to winter beach wedding appropriate outfits.

Dress to Impress

Beach wedding pant's and top suit

Image Source: Matches Fashion

While a winter beach wedding outfit does need to take into account the slightly cooler nighttime breeze, don't let it dictate your choice in garment. The casual atmosphere at a beach wedding means you can basically throw on anything 'smart-casual' (minus a pair of jeans of course!) and you'll fit right in.

Our top tip is to draw inspiration from the street style blogs - there's plenty of fashion forward, yet wedding-appropriate outfits to give you a seriously good guide. For those whose wardrobes are full of formal dresses, look for one that suits the casual nature of the beach setting. Think softer materials - silks, satin, and silk-cottons - and designs that will allow for a long night of dancing and running along the sand. Aka. anything with flow and movement will work best.

If you're one to step out of the fashion-box, look to a two piece to really amp up your style-factor. Whether its a matching pair of high-waisted tailored pants and cropped silk top, or a skirt with asymmetric hemline and off-the-shoulder flounce top, our top tip is to work with contrasting shapes and designs. Full volume up top means plain down below, and vice-versa.

Shoes, Shoes, Shoes

beach wedding strappy heels

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While a beach wedding tends to conjure up images of barefoot bridal parties and sandy toenails for the rest of the night, there's many a fairytale celebration that doesn't venture down onto the sandy shores; staying instead amongst the windswept fauna of the dunes.

Whether your beach wedding ceremony is positioned where the waves can lap at your feet or not, finding the perfect pair of beach-appropriate heels will make, or break, your night. Beach weddings tend to err on the more casual side, so take this in to account. Wedges, block heels, and strappy styled (low) thicker stilettos tend to win out when it comes to such events.

Avoid anything that's going to take the entire ceremony to unwrap, and rewrap (read: thigh-high gladiator style heels), instead, opt for something with a simple buckle or a mule styled heel for ease. Our top tip is to steer clear of a thin heel - the (quick)-sand will eat you.

Staying Snug as a Bug

winter beach wedding coat

Image Source: They All Hate Us

Just because the wedding is taking place at the beach, doesn't mean you can skip out on the outer layers. Come dusk, the chilly ocean air will send those unprepared guests packing. Look to a simple styled jacket or coat that's going to enhance the overall look of your outfit, but won't make it too casual. (read: avoid denim jackets)

Leather jackets, lightweight trench coats, and double-breasted blazers make for the best beach wedding warmers. Match the type of jacket/coat to the style of your outfit. Those with longer, floatier styled jackets, contrast the volume with a cropped and fitted blazer or leather jacket. Alternatively, if you opt for an a-line skirt or trousers, throw a trench coat over your shoulders for a polished final look.

Finishing Touches

beach wedding accessories

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Accessorising your outfit MUST NOT be forgotten! From funky little bags, to statement jewellery and matching fingers and toes, ensuring everything is in order will ensure your entire look is wedding day ready - no matter what happens. As stylish as clutches look, having to worry about holding your bag all day is a hassle (much the same if you don't even bring one). Opt for a fun, funky little statement bag to hold all your goodies, meaning nothing will be lost or forgotten come the morning after.

When it comes to accessories, we like to keep things to a minimum at beach weddings. Depending on your outfit will depend on how you style your jewellery. Whether its earrings, a necklace, or a hand full of rings, always remember the golden rule: Less is more!

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