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What to Wear to an Interview 101

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September 19, 2017

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Have you recently scored yourself an interview for that epic new job you have been eagerly (and tirelessly) searching for? A chance to show a company the unique, brilliance that is you? First and foremost, CONGRATS! Secondly and possibly, most importantly, what are you going to wear? If you have just let out a big ol’ sigh and are feeling that all too-familiar wardrobe anxiety, you are definitely not alone but have no fear, GC is here!

We understand more than anyone that interviews can be a daunting and stressful experience, due to the very task we find ourselves stressing (a bit too much) over; finding the perfect attire to wear. But this doesn’t have to be the case. With a few of our basic guidelines & tips under your belt you will be ready to tackle any interview, stress free and in style, of course!

What We Believe an Interview Really Is

Here at GC, we believe that an interview is so much more than just a chance to sell your personal strengths and assets to a company. It is a chance to empower yourself through your presentation. You can tell a lot about a person by what they wear but most importantly, how they wear it and we want to make sure you look and feel the part so when the time comes, you will burst through those not-so-scary doors with a glowing confidence that screams ‘I am the perfect candidate that you’ve been searching for!’ After all, first impressions really do count.

Now, let’s get down to biz-ness.

How to Choose an Outfit

Firstly, this all depends on the type of interview you are attending. Whether it is corporate, retail or anything in between, there are a few key factors to keep in mind. The basic principle is to keep it simple. Not simple as in boring, but simple as in: ‘stick to the staples and you can never go wrong!’ The main idea here is to go for the perfect blend of smart, with a dash of sophistication and a sprinkle of style. With this perfect recipe under your wing, you will be ready to tackle any interview, or occasion for that matter, that comes your way.

We have put together a ‘What to wear to an interview 101’ guideline for the two main interview dress codes:

The #GirlBoss

The Power Suit

Sophistication is the key. You are leaning towards a classic, timeless look that also screams the word ‘fierce.’ This is the perfect chance to whip out the infamous Power Suit (If you are thinking of the 80’s kind with gigantic shoulder pads, think again!) Start with a classic blazer paired with a collared shirt or blouse, tucked into a tapered pant, and you simply cannot go wrong. A trouser with a slight flare can be quite tasteful and if you really want to take Girl Boss to the next level, whack on a thin tie or bow tie!

Image sources: ENews,Express, RalphLauren

The Skirt

If you want to tap into your feminine side a little more without losing that Girl Boss ‘oomph’, a high-waisted pencil skirt can also work in your favour.

The Dress

Or if you truly aren’t ready to completely jeopardise your personal style, you can always go for The Dress but be sure that it is within the conservative radius. A fitted midi with a higher neckline would work a treat. As long as there is more dress than skin showing, we say go for it girl!

Image sources: Memorandum, StylesWeekly, Pinterest

Now, for the finishing touches. As pictured, a pointed-toe heel will tie in beautifully with any of the above outfit choices. Pair it back with an elegant stud earring and a simple clutch and you will not only look & feel like a Girl Boss, but you will be the Girl Boss.

As for the Colour Code, black is always going to be your safest and best bet, it never fails. As they say, black is the new black! If you are leaning towards a colour trend, go for a classic navy and only go for greys and browns if you really feel that you can pull it off without looking too old-school!

The Sophisticated Style

This one can seem tricky at first glance, as we can so often get misguided by the word ‘casual.’ The dress code may state casual, but the key word here is smart. You are going for the perfect balance of smart & sophisticated meets epic style-guru. The mega upside of this dress-code is that you have a tonne more options and you really don’t have to jeopardise your personal style much at all, in fact, you can vamp it up and really show the biz world what you’re made of! It is a great chance to flaunt your uniqueness & step into your own.

The Power Suit

A toned-down version of The Power Suit can be really effective. You can go with or without a blazer, as long as you have a stylish blouse, like a bell sleeve, or a collared shirt. Pair this with a tapered or culotte pant and you will achieve that effortless, yet sophisticated look. Another trendy addition you can add is to layer a sweater over a collar.

Image source: Pinterest, Stylecaster, Stylish Wife

The Skirt

Your second best option is a classy Skirt. A high-waisted pleated, flare or pencil skirt can be a lovely outfit statement, paired back with a tucked in blouse or collared shirt.

Image sources: Pinterest, Bloglovin’

The Dress

If you are going for The Dress option, still stick to a midi length but this time you are able to branch out into more exciting territories such as: slightly lower necklines, tapered waists with skirts and even slight embellishments like ties, button and lace details can be tasteful if not overdone.

Image sources: Pinterest, LeCahier, HarpersBazaar

The Jumpsuit

If you are bold enough to take on the challenge, The Jumpsuit is a new addition we have seen rise to fame over the years and can be a refreshing new look in the job scene!

Image sources: Travelshopa, Pinterest, StyleEstate

The Accessories

For the finishing touches, a simple pointed or round toe flat is your best option. Sophisticated lace-ups are all the hype right now and can give you that effortless, yet stylish vibe. If you are going for a heel, still stick to a closed- toe heel or you can always resort back to the heeled-ankle boot. An oldie but a goodie! Try to avoid open toes and too many embellishments!

Bolder accessories are also a funky addition to this dress code. Chunky necklaces and statement earrings such as big studs or a slight dangle earring, are the perfect way to display your inner diva, as long as your outfit is within the ‘keep it simple but stylish’ guideline. Last but not least, a statement clutch is the final candidate to tie it all together!

As for the Colour Code, it is encouraged to explore the current colour trends!

The No-No’s (Things to Avoid)

We hope that this guide has offered you some helpful tips to feel as confident and capable as possible!

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