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What to Wear to a Concert

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January 19, 2018

I remember my first concert like it was yesterday. I was a 14 year old girl, heartbeat racing and adrenaline pumping while impatiently awaiting the arrival of a fierce lady that would go on to become known to the world as Queen B. I was so inspired by her sassy female attitude, angelic presence and strong performance. I admired her ability to make girl power seem cool again as there had been a bit of a dry spell since the Spice Girls’ rise to stardom during the 90’s. I have to say, for my first concert experience I was hooked and from that point on I knew I would be a regular ‘concert goer’/‘fan girl’, whatever you like to call it!

What to Wear to a Concert

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Through my teens it became less promo t-shirt look and more style appropriate attire. I became obsessed with setting the right tone through my outfit choice. It was great because I could now combine my two favourite passions being music and fashion effortlessly. I’m sure none of us need any convincing how well those two go together. The 80’s paved a great foundation to music based fashion trends thanks to icons such as Madonna and Michael Jackson making it a large part of their performance and persona.

In the last couple of years, I have to say growing older has definitely made me a little more wiser when it comes to my fashion choices while attending music concerts. As I passed through my mid-twenties, I started to approach my concert fashion choices from a purely practical point of view. I began breaking down the main factors that would influence what I wore based on the elements of the environment I was in and overall comfort.

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So what are the main factors you need to consider when looking for that perfect concert outfit you ask? Well firstly, and probably most importantly, you need to be able to move around effortlessly. Dancing is sure to be on the agenda so you need to wear something that will allow you to freely move your arms around and shake your hips with ease!

Secondly if you’re a music lover and an all-out fan girl, you are probably going to spend a good couple of hours standing or eagerly forcing yourself through the crowd in a bid to catch a glimpse of your music idol’s arrival. Now, it goes without saying that the smartest thing you could probably do in this instance is make sure you wear comfortable shoes. Yes ladies we get it, comfort may not be fashion forward but it most certainly helps when it comes to feeling your best. While your killer heels may look super banging paired with your equally as impressive outfit, your feet won’t look or feel so great after 3 hours of jumping around in a crowd. So make sure your act smart and walk on comfortably.

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Finally, in Australia, a lot of summer music events are usually held outdoors which means embracing the ever so unpredictable Australian summer weather. So whether it be rain, hail or shine, you need to be prepared to brave the elements whatever they may be on the day. It is important to consider things like fabric texture and the properties of that fabric such as will my skin be able to breathe through this top.

So whether you are after an amped up rock look or sweet boho style we’re here to help you match the right outfit to your upcoming music event! Read through to see our top five concert styles.

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What to Wear to an ALTERNATIVE Concert

Commonly coined as the ever so popular ‘indie festival’, the alternative concert is all about expressing one’s true self in a relaxed laid back fashion manner. As the name suggests, you can be as alternative as you please so don’t be afraid to experiment with style. It’s safe to say that the more kooky the outfit, the more eclectic the style. So take the plunge today, choose an oversized puffy sleeve style or perhaps opt for dramatic voluminous ruffles!

CONCERTS LIKE: Falls Festival, Splendour in the Grass

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What to Wear to a DANCE Concert

EDM (Electronic Dance Music) has to be the music birth child of the Millennials. With a loyal and strong fan base EDM is all about, that’s right you guessed it, the dance! When selecting your outfit take into consideration free flowing silhouettes for effortless concert fashion fun. Try a playsuit for added comfort and opt for cutout features to add an element of edge. Loose flared sleeves will also provide ease of movement.

CONCERTS LIKE: Electric Gardens, Harbourlife

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What to Wear to an R&B/HIP-HOP Concert

R&B/Hip-Hop concerts are all about soul and rhythm so why not match the mood with an elegant fitted silhouette midi dress. The glamorous bodycon style will help you accentuate your curves and define your waistline. The perfect outfit choice if you’re after a little fierce femme fatale style. This look is great for an arena based show. Add a high thigh split to your look for a touch of dramatic sass.

CONCERTS LIKE: The Weekend, Drake

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What to Wear to a POP Concert

The pop concert is associated with all things quintessentially sweet, fantasy like and dreamy. Whether your partying it up as you watch Katy Perry floating around on giant pink fairy floss covered cloud or singing along with Miley as she enters the stage via a giant tongue, chances are you are definitely going to have a great time. Opt for a playful floral number to tickle the fashion taste buds of your inner child!

CONCERTS LIKE: Katy Perry, Taylor Swift

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What to Wear to a ROCK Concert

The most classic of the bunch, rock concerts are designed to give you the music ride of your life! One of the most exhilarating genres you can listen to live, some would even argue it’s the only way to listen to rock. Rock music offers its patron a thrill seeking adventure that’s bound to have you energised and ready to take on the world. For the ultimate rock star look, opt for glistening fabrics and wild textures. When it comes to colours, black is your best friend. Try breaking it up with a hint of red for a fiery punch!

CONCERTS LIKE: U2, Guns N’ Roses

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Dressing for your favourite concert is easier than you ever imaged with our top five looks to suit your upcoming event whether it be rock, pop or even hip-hop! For more tips on how to style yourself concert ready read our ‘Effortless and Easy Festival Style’ blog post!


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