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Winter Ball Season Style Guide: What to wear

We all know it's the beginning of the winter ball season, when Anna Wintour's biggest party starts to takeover our screens. As I currently sit and watch re-runs of the red carpet and flick endlessly through all the different galleries of The Met Gala Ball, my desire to attend a formal function, be it a black tie wedding or a winter ball, is reaching an all time high with every swipe-left my fingers make!

While most balls don't have the dress-code freedom that the Met Gala does, that doesn't mean you have to stick to your normal go-to-gown in order to fit in. A floor length dress is a guaranteed way to make every woman feel like a Princess, but why not have a go at practicing a bit of "fashion daredeviling" (if that's a word) and add a bit of a 'spice' to your outfit?!

Unless you're dining with royalty, moving away from the conservative cuts and towards a more fashion-forward outfit is, in fact, highly encouraged.

With this in mind, take a look at my hot tips on what to wear, and how to style that perfect winter ball outfit!

Pick a Pocket

winter ball skirt with pockets

Source: Ali Express

Something I have recently discovered is the love of awkward length A-line skirts and bell shaped, ankle grazing dresses. Not only because of their dramatic shapes, but mainly because they've been oh-so conveniently designed with a set of pockets magically hiding beneath the folds of material! Gone is the need to awkwardly hold on to that designer clutch; your phone and little pouch of makeup can now be safely stored, and kept all night long, in the sneakily hidden storage holes.

In saying that however, if your dress is more figure-hugging than figure-hiding, having a shoulder bag with you is probably a good idea. What you choose to wear will have a big influence on the type of bag you decide to sling over your shoulder.

If your outfit is plain in style and colour - think simple lines and cuts, or a one coloured gown - then add a bit of 'pizzazz'with a fun little clutch or cross-body bag (for those who like to have both hands free when dancing!)

There's plenty of kooky designs out there, from bags that look like a Chinese takeaway box, to personalised perspex clutches, the options are endless! If you are brave enough to try one, of course! However, if smart and simple is more up your alley, go for a classic square or rectangular shape in a colour that will complement your entire outfit.

Jump Around

Red jumpsuit winter ball

Source: Guest of a Guest

Follow the lead of many-a-designer, and celebrities for that matter, and opt for a stylish jumpsuit the next time you have a winter ball to attend. With so many fabulous ball gowns available, one of the best ways to stand out from the crowd is to try something different. A jumpsuit ticks all these boxes, and are the perfect mix of class and fashion-forward!

For something subtle, but a little bit sexy, try for a black jumpsuit with a high waisted, tailored pant and a deep-V neck cut top half. Pair it with a plain pump, loose blow-dried hair and a deep red lip for a fabulous, finished look.

If something a bit more colourful is what you're looking for, then why not go bold and take a leaf out of Autumn's "hottest tones" book! Think deep reds, emerald greens and dark purples. Colours that match the cooler climate of the winter months. The trick to styling bold coloured outfits is keeping accessories to a minimum, and matching the colour of your bag to your shoes. Think plain: black or nude will work best depending on the dress tone you choose.

Go the Gown

winter ball gown

Source: Blogspot

The one thing I miss from my high school days are the mid year school formals that from day one of term one, every lunch was spent planning our entire look. When the special day finally arrived, we all knew we had chosen the perfect dress!

So, if it's a gown that you want, then it's a gown that you shall have! From figure-hugging, floor length, to mid-calf lace numbers, there's no better feeling than finding that perfect ball gown. No matter what anyone else says, a winter ball means EVERYONE will be dressed to the nines! So consider that a NO EXCUSES warning.

From top to teeny, tiny, pinky toe, go all out, and find yourself that sexy, amazing, winter ball gown!

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