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Your Style Guide to Trans-Seasonal Dressing

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With the days getting shorter and shorter by the week, it’s clear winter is upon us at last. For some, this is a relief and for others — it means it’s time to embrace a completely different style of dress. With the past couple of days in Sydney going from sunny and warm one minute, to torrential downpours with chilly breezes the next, never has it been more obvious that the time for trans-seasonal dressing is now properly upon us.

Trans-seasonal clothes look fresh and new. They perk up our wardrobes in the depths of winter and at the tail-end of summer. They entertain us while the sales are on. They’re cool, modern, wearable fashion. They arrive upon the racks between seasons, in January and July. They are clothes that aren’t on the catwalk, but are still considered new season. Clothes that can be worn and reworn because of their non-trend-led nature. Versatile, reusable and simply elegant. Trans-seasonal fashion represents our desire to look cool without being overdressed and exaggerated. These clothes are the building blocks to refine our everyday wardrobe.

There isn’t a single one-hit wonder among them because they’re versatile enough to be worn no matter the time of year!

When it comes to fashion, sometimes it can be hard to decide what to wear when the weather proves to be unpredictable. But, there are some measures that can be taken to help craft a versatile look that will keep you warm and cool when needed!

Add sleeves.

It might seem like a simple solution but the basic addition of sleeves can serve to change the entire look of an outfit. To refine your trans-seasonal dressing, try introducing sleeves into your wardrobe. They can be short, long or three-quarter. They can be sheer, mesh, lace or thick velvet. It might start to get a bit too cool to leave arms and shoulders uncovered and in this instance — long sleeved dresses or layering a simple tee under a dress would be ideal to help keep warm. All without looking overly rugged up!

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Yeojin Bae Embroidered Net Double Crepe Mia Dress - Trans-seasonal dressing

The Embroidered Net Double Crepe Mia Dress by Yeojin Bae is a perfect example of trans-seasonal dressing! This mini dress features a fluted hemline, cinched at the waist for a gorgeous A-line silhouette and full-length mesh sleeves with a crew neckline. This is a dress that can be worn no matter the season and weather. Pair it with natural stockings on a cooler day to keep warm or hire a faux fur jacket to top it off with flare.

Sleeves like these are perfect for sunny days, chillier days too. This dress is also versatile enough to be worn on a number of occasions without issue!

Swap footwear.

It’s possible to get away with wearing open-toed shoes a lot of the time during the cooler months of the year. But, the further we get away from summer, the more likely the weather changes erratically in a moment’s notice. Often, our feet are the first place we feel the chill when it starts to cool down. So, swapping out a simple pair of strappy, open-toed sandals for some sexy boots can go a long way in helping us stay warm.

C/MEO Collective We Are Young Dress - Trans-seasonal dressing

With a dress like the We Are Young Dress by C/MEO Collective, it’s easy to swap out many different styles of footwear for optimal trans-seasonal dressing. This dress features a mini hemline, flared sleeves, black-and-white colour blocking and a loose fit that we just love! Finish this dress off with some sexy, suede thigh-high boots for a edgy and chic look that will keep you warm throughout the cooler moments of the day without appearing too rugged up!

Add more layers!

If you add a few layers to your look, it’s easy to add and subtract pieces as needed according to the weather. After a certain point into winter, it becomes a good idea to bring a jacket with you wherever you go. Denim jackets are often best for this as they have sleeves that can easily be rolled up if it isn’t quite cool enough for a full-on coat. They are also stylish enough to stay nice and warm in, while still keeping on-trend. Denim jackets have the added bonus of matching almost every outfit!

Camilla and Marc Ripolin Dress in White - Trans-seasonal dressing

A simple slip dress, such as the Camilla and Marc Ripolin Dress in White is a perfect example of a cami dress that can be easily styled with a denim jacket. This dress features gorgeous box pleating on the hankerchief hem, a v-neckline and a loose silhouette.

The carefree, crepe fabric will leave you effortlessly comfortable in your denim jacket when you pair these two together! Perfect for trans-seasonal dressing, while still looking utterly flawless!

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