10 Great Ways to Declutter Your Wardrobe

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To declutter your wardrobe is no easy feat, and can uncover some harsh truths about your past style choices; Mickey Mouse tee circa '92, denim overalls with adjustable strap and intricately placed knee tear, that power-shoulder blazer you purchased online on a whim because it was the exact same one that Kate Moss wore and she looked fab in it but on you it looks like a boys shrunken jacket found on the clearance rack of a department store.Nothing says 'I have a knack for impulse purchases' than an overflowing wardrobe! We are all no stranger to it; the closet bulging with racks upon racks of clothes, the 'floordrobe' of shoes and discarded outfits - our own personal Narnia; but this doorway into another realm seems more like a never-ending corridor of chaos into bad style choices of days gone by.Did you know the average Australian woman wears just a third of what's in her wardrobe? When you think about it, the outfits you select on a daily basis generally tend to be one of a few 'safe' or 'go-to' outfits that have been successfully tried and tested and placed front and center for easy access. Meanwhile, all those clothes on the outer - the impulse buys, the 'wear for a special occasion' dresses, the well-meaning birthday gift set of pajamas from an older relative - are shoved further and further toward the back collecting dust and cobwebs and just taking up space.Well wardrobe and closet hoarders unite, because we are listing our top 10 ways to declutter your wardrobe and make room for a more minimal and updated space.

1) Set Aside Time

Decluttering your wardrobe is a little like decluttering your mind.. you've got to make time and space! This zen approach will save you stress and despair by allowing you to set aside enough time to thoroughly go through your space and take every single item out to sort. Schedule an hour or even a weekend (if your wardrobe is as big a war-zone as mine), grab some boxes and garbage bags and tackle the bigger obstacles first. Take a look at your space and ask yourself what is taking up the most room; shoes? clothes on hangers? Make note of these and investigate whether you should invest in a better storage system for when the time comes to re-arrange later on.

2) Keep or Throw

When it comes to decluttering your wardrobe, ruthlessness is your only ally. How often have you found yourself saying 'I will hang onto this because it might come in fashion one day down the track' and then 'one day down the track' comes and it's still being skimmed over every time you open the doors? Throw it out; I repeat - throw it out! You either absolutely love it and will absolutely wear it, or you get rid of it; same goes for clothes that no longer fit you or the items of clothing that you've been holding onto with good faith because 'it will look perfect with the right belt'.. but if it's been a year now and you still haven't found that perfect belt or that perfect accessory, get rid of it. I like to apply the 80/20 rule and throw out every item of clothing that I haven't worn in the past year. This is the only way to make ample space for a more practical and accessible wardrobe.Shoes carry with them the same philosophy. If they are uncomfortable, if they are outdated, if you can't walk ten steps without blistering, if they don't complement any of your wardrobe - no matter how gorgeous the shoe - put them in the throw-away pile.

3) Consult the Colour-Wheel

Ever wondered why some colours make your eyes 'pop' while others seem to make you look sick and washed-out? Based on the bestselling book 'Color Me Beautiful' by Carole Jackson, seasonal colour diagnosis can help you select shades which flatter and complement your natural colourings based on what seasonal category you fall into. Have a look at this article which gives you a personal colour diagnosis based on factors such as your natural skin tone, hair and eye colour. A seasonal colour analysis can save you from future impulse purchases and wardrobe hoarding by making sure that you only ever purchase clothes and shades which suit and flatter your appearance.

4) Find Your Fit

This may seem like a nit-pick in a line of tips, however nothing more can be said about choosing clothes which are the right fit for you. Do some research and get to know your body shape and type so that you can select styles which suit and flatter your figure. Luckily, we have made this easy for you in our post Understanding Your Body Shape.If there are any items in your 'keep' pile which aren't working wonders for that fine figure of yours; send it over to the throw-away pile and invest in a style that is more suited to your shape. By buying clothes that are suited to your body type, you are ensuring that every piece of clothing that you slip on is accentuating your best features and allowing you to feel and look confident and fabulous. Now that's a wonderful investment!

5) Give The Clothes You Don't Wear To Charity

For the items that you decide to chuck out, instead of taking them to the tip consider dropping them off to your local Goodwill or charity. Each year, Australians send $500 million worth of clothing to the tip - what a waste! But by donating your items to charity, you are not only helping people less fortunate out, but the environment too! Places like the Salvation Army or the St Vincent de Paul society are always appreciative of donated clothes and shoes, and it also helps with the separation of getting rid of outfits you may have become attached to; knowing that they are going to someone else who will appreciate and wear them!

6) Get Storage Savvy

Take a look at what hasn't been working for you or your wardrobe. Do you have a tendency to just throw your shoes haphazardly in a tangled mess of stilettos and lace-ups on the floor? Is hanging space an issue? Or are you using your wardrobe for someplace other than to store your clothes? For example, are shoe boxes filled with bank statements and knick-knacks instead of actual shoes? Are drawers being used to serve as an 'overflow' storage area for everything that doesn't fit in your wardrobe? Make a note of this and consider purchasing something like a shoe rack or collapsible canvas storage boxes; these babies are not only practical, but they are sleek and stylish and allows you to create your own separate stacks and storage solution. Check out these handy, tried and tested closet-organization accessories from Woman's Day.

7) Organize From The Floor Up

Once your wardrobe is stripped bare, it is time for the important process of re-organizing all of your kept items in a way so that it won't allow another wardrobe blow-out in the future. If your foundation is savvy and practical, then the chances of a disorganized wardrobe space is slim to none. Think about where would be the best access for your shoes - lined up along the floor or piled up to the side? In drawers as opposed to left in shoe boxes? Once your space is organized you have an easier space to access and it allows you to see everything right there in front of you.

8) Coordination is Key

Decluttering you wardrobe and utilizing minimalism can be as simple as coordination. Maybe think about coordinating your clothes and shoes in line with the season; making space for coats and jackets on one side, and summer skirts and dresses on the other side. Colour coordinating can also be a fun and practical way to organize your wardrobe and allow you to easily pick out and match outfits. Perhaps leave your hanging space for more delicate items such as dresses or sheer fabrics and use your drawer storage for basics such as tees and foldables such as jumpers and sweaters. Keep the memo for shoes as well, storing them either seasonally or with 'everyday' shoes such as flats or boots within easy access or lined along the bottom for show, and 'going out' shoes packed away in storage.

9) Make it Minimal

Applying minimalism to your wardrobe requires only buying and keeping what you need and investing in styles and clothing basics that never go out of style. Things like a classic beige trench coat, tailored black pants and a crisp white shirt always stand the test of time and can be interchanged throughout the year making them the perfect pieces to keep. It is easy to purchase clothes according to what's 'on trend' this season or shopping up the clearance rack of your favourite store, but this kind of impulse buying only leads to an over-cluttered wardrobe.Declutter your wardrobe and make it minimal by simplifying; invest in quality pieces which never go out of style and that are flattering to your shape and figure. Consider only keeping pieces which can be worn from desk to date; black pants, an a-line skirt, a classic button-down shirt and kitten heels.

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10) Declutter Your Wardrobe by Renting Clothing for Special Occasions

Why buy when you can rent? For those special occasions that require special outfits (weddings, birthdays, formals etc.) renting a dress is the perfect way to declutter your wardrobe as well as a fail-safe way of keeping spending and hoarding to a minimum! GlamCorner allows you to rent designer dresses and outfits so that you can look amazing for your event. Simply browse through our collection, select the outfit or accessory that you like and we'll deliver it right to your door anywhere in Australia!

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