Tips on how to keep a healthy mind, body and soul with Ange Simson


We another quick catch up with the Founder and CEO of The Gratitude Gang and The Health Hub, Ange Simson; a love-filled writer, solo mama of two girls and a strong passion to help women create an income by making an impact on the world. Read on to know more about Ange Simson aka @gratitude_project and for tips on how to keep a healthy mind, body and soul.

Tell us a little more about yourself.

I founded my online wellness program The Health Hub which is designed to take women away from the confusion and deprivation of dieting and come back to our birth right of health and I also run the Gratitude Gang which teaches women to use their voice and influence to make a change and create abundance for themselves and their family. Pretty much, I love to illuminate a path for women to be their best selves!

What are your tips on how to keep a healthy mind, body and soul?

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1. Schedule your priorities

I usually find that when you look at my client's virtual calendars, they're full of work, social engagements and birthday reminders.  But, their big goals in life are around family, health and finances. This is a great time to reassess your priorities and schedule in things that are related.

If your goal is to add more good foods to your diet and increase your vitality, then schedule in time for meal prep and shopping at the farmers market.  If you want to improve your relationship with your partner or kids, schedule some check-in times or date nights. And if you want to make sure you’re getting on top of your finances, schedule monthly dates with your bank account (and make sure you’re utilising your GlamCorner Membership to save on buying new clothes each month!)

2. Get outdoors everyday

I know during isolation, so many of us were stuck inside with Netflix and regular dates with the fridge. Getting out into nature now that we can and allowing natural sunlight to hit your skin and wake you up is key to getting your circadian rhythm in check and feeling good. It’s so energising! Even just having a morning stretch on your balcony or walking to a park to sit with a tea before work. It’s soul nourishing!

3. Lastly, spend time with people who nourish your soul

If they’re gossiping, negative or leave you feeling drained, maybe minimise time with them. If you feel uplifted, excited and optimistic about the future when you see your friends - get more time in with them!

Why GlamCorner?

Clothing can be such a strong representation of who you are and how you’re feeling. I love to change up my look and try new things but, to be honest, buying new clothes all the time doesn’t exactly align with my own aim to be more sustainable and consciously consume.

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When I found GlamCorner through my ALWAYS well-dressed cousin, I was shocked. She is an incredible finance coach and I thought she was simply allowing new clothes to be the thing she splurged on. When she told me about this I was in and hooked. I’ve had my GlamCorner Membership ever since!

Is vitality important to you?

Ange has currently got a FREE group running where she shares a little more behind about health and wellness.” Subscribe here.

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