5 Movies to Inspire Your Winter Wardrobe

There's nothing like a bit of 'movie fashion' to get your winter wardrobe in the mood. The original form of "streetstyle", movie stylists projected our fashion dreams and desires onto the big screen, for all of us to live out.

Inspiring our day-to-day fashion through seriously envious wardrobes, cult classics and modern movie mania have forever, and still to this day, driven our need to follow suit, and re-work our winter wardrobe as according to what the stars sported in the latest hollywood great.

Here's our list of top 5 movies to further inspire your winter wardrobe, and give those inner-fashionistas what they want!

The Devil Wears Prada

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Image Source: Pegoda

There's not much that needs to be said about this film beyond, YES, YES, YES!! The true fashion film, from the moment the incredible double doors leading to the fashion wardrobe at Runway Magazine open, everyone is hooked. Jimmy Choo, Dior, Chanel, Saint Laurent (when Yves was still attached), from designer to designer, coats to bags, the clothes that are on display are beyond anything anyone could dream about.

Pull ideas from the various coats, hats that Miranda Priestley throws on Andy's desk, day in day out - they're fabulous! More so, sit and watch the film with a notebook, because not one outfit throughout the entire movie isn't worth noting (not even Andy's fashion faux-pas at the beginning).

The Royal Tenenbaums

the-royal-tenenbaums winter wardrobe

Just look at that jacket! If this is the only picture you have when someone mentions 'The Royal Tenenbaums', then you'll be fine. A perfect film to get you in the winter wardrobe mood.

Make yourself like Margot and team a midi skirt (with tights for the cooler days) with a band T-shirt and brogues for a casual 'Margot' winter wardrobe look. Alternatively, throw a faux fur coat over a mini dress or team a chunky cardigan with leggings and loafers.

When it comes to Margot styled beauty tips, split your hair in a side-parting and slip in a hair slide, then dig out your eyeliner. Smiling not allowed.

Bill Cunningham

bill cunningham movie inspiration winter wardrobe

Image Source: Harpers Bazaar

Not only a way to remember the greatest (and original for that matter) streetstyle photographer, this documentary showcases the wonderful world of New York street fashion. From New York Fashion Week, to Winter Balls and Cocktail events, and everyday style in the infamous streets of the Big Apple, Bill Cunningham shines a new, and refreshing light on what it means to be fashionable and worthy enough of a street photographers 'snap'.

Look to the seriously varied fashionista-sistas (and brothers) that strolled the catwalk-sidewalks of New York City for a touch of eccentric style and sophistication. As personal style comes from adopting and adapting the latest trends after all (not simple following them).

Then, seek a bit of inspiration in Bill's collection of old photographs as he scours through his box-filled tiny apartment to showcase his favourite photos from times gone by. This is true winter wardrobe inspiration territory; a must watch in my eyes!

Blade Runner

blade runner winter wardrobe

Image Source: BFI

The weird and the wonderful come together in this wintery sci-fi classic. Think Alexander McQueen meets Galliano meets Japanese artistry. This is the film that inspires you to scour the flea markets and vintage stalls to find yourself that seriously luxurious winter fur coat, then team it with a matching suit (minus the shoulder pads please).

Pair back a robot-esque, sharp volumed skirt with a sheer, sharp shouldered blouse and thigh-high leather boots for a modern take on Ridley's futuristic idea of the future in the 1940s. #timeconfusing. The style and class present throughout Blade Runner is like a perfect throw to the future that we all call 'now'. Hence the reason it's a MUST to inspire your winter wardrobe.

A Single Man

movie winter wardrobe inspiration

Directed and designed by Tom Ford, it's no wonder this film struck all the right chords when it came to sartorial greatness. Like a never ending scene from a magazine shoot, Ford's detail to attention saw Julianne Moore sport the most fabulous of 50s and 60s fashion, throughout the entire film.

From her bedrobe with rollers, to day dresses and house dresses, A Single Man demonstrates the sheer elegance that existed in a time when women would never leave the house without a touch of rouge and mascara - nor a hair out of place.

For those seeking a winter wardrobe inspired by an era of sophistication and class, look no further. Ford's A Single Man is about as perfect as you can get. Think full bodied skirts with tight fitting tops, or swinging sixties styled shift dresses. This movie has it all.

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