Best 2020 Valentine’s Day Outfits Ideas for Every Plan

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January 10, 2020

Valentine’s Day, the one day a year couples are granted permission to indulge in a little over the top PDA behaviour, spending on over-priced meals and well thought out gifts. Not to mention, it's also a great excuse to dress up and find Valentine's Day outfits to make it even more special! This is not coming from a love cynic, indeed not. I flourish at the thought of vibrant red roses, chocolate covered strawberries and perfume scented love notes, I mean who doesn’t?

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Whether you are in a serious relationship, just starting out in one or simply content with single life; the chances are you are bound to feel a little pressured at the thought of celebrating that special day known as the ‘day of love’. There has always been a bit of debate around the ever so cherished Valentine’s Day. Some of us love it, some try to dodge it and some just really couldn’t be fussed about it.

People in relationships for instance; the guy trying to pull out all the stops to woo his girl and is stressing over what he will get. Then you have the singles, who are reminded yearly that they are living a life alone without heart-shaped chocolates and an infinite supply of roses.



Achieve an effortless V-Day look and follow our top 4 Valentine's Day outfits collections to match to your plans!


COMFY COUPLES The ‘Actual Netflix and Chill’

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This is one for the long term couples, the workaholics and the general homebodies. Sometimes with all the pressures of the day we forget the most valuable gift we can offer our partner is the gift of time. We all get caught up in our day-to-day work life and never-ending commitments so occasionally it’s just nice to stay in and cook a home meal or prepare a cheese platter with wine that can be enjoyed in the comfort of your our home! For an element of fun be creative and set up a home style theatre in your lounge room! Although you are planning to stay in it doesn’t mean you can’t dress up a little, after all it is Valentine’s Day. In this scenario, comfort is key so think about wearing something that will allow you to more around freely. Think playsuit or jumpsuit for comfort, you can also experiment with bold prints and soft textured fabrics!


Great for: COMFY COUPLES The ‘Actual Netflix and Chill’

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NEWBIE COUPLES The ‘Intimate Dinner’

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One of the more elaborate plans you can go for is the intimate dinner date. This type of Valentine’s activity has young love written all over it. It's also referred to as the “honeymoon period’ when no expense is spared and when anything and everything can be expected. The intimate dinner is all about dimmed lighting, candles, oversized teddy bears and freshly cut red roses. This type of date is about over the top, so your Valentine's Day outfits should be up to that level. Think figure-hugging bodycon silhouettes as an easy way to add a touch of sultry glam to your evening! To finish off your super glamorous look add soft curled locks and red coloured lips.


Great for: NEWBIE COUPLES The ‘Intimate Dinner’

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This date type is the perfect way to include everyone whether it be couples, friends, family, whomever you name it. This is basically an excuse to throw a really cool party where everyone gets to share in the love. It's great for young family couple or middle-aged parents. The group date is a great way to balance your couple time with your social life.

You’re probably at the stage of having done Valentine’s Day a thousand times, seeing your partner every night and doing regular dinner dates, so what better way to mix it up than with a fabulous shared event.

Invite everyone over for some semi-casual drinks and good food. When it comes to finding the perfect outfit, it’s totally left open for you to interpret. Go bold with some glistening metallic hues or play it safe and comfy with a free-flowing dress. This event type is super versatile!


Great for: SOCIAL COUPLES The ‘Group date’

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ANTI-VALENTINERS The ‘Galentine’s Day Party’

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When it comes to Valentine’s Day whether we like to believe it or not, there is always a specific group of women whom I’m not going to shame by calling them haters of anything associated with love, so I’ll revert to using the term ‘independent women’. Nowadays it has become less depressing to be alone for Valentine’s Day and more of a power trip for the strong single woman.

In the last couple of years, we have seen the emergence of what is referred to as Anti-Valentine (also known as Galentine’s Day). Galentine's day is becoming a relevant and important type of event within Valentine’s Day date spectrum. This means we need to embrace it and rethink the way we celebrate this significant day! So, for this event, go for pink and red Valentine's Day outfits!


Great for: ANTI-VALENTINERS The ‘Galentine’s Day Party’

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In conclusion, Valentine's day shouldn’t just be about love one day a year. Constantly we should be telling the ones around us that we love and care about them on a daily basis, because life is too short not to. Make sure you share the love around this Valentine’s Day equally with all your significant peeps!

Happy Valentine’s Day Lovers! xx

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