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The Best Date Night Makeup Ideas

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November 27, 2017

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Everyone likes routine, but when it comes to dating, your tried and tested dinner-and-a-movie sequence might be getting a little old. Whilst it’s good to be a little spontaneous every now and again, an easy way to add a little variety to your next night out, is by changing your makeup routine and trying something different.

When it comes to date night, the pressure is already on; you’ve got a lot to consider: your outfit, hairstyle and makeup, not to mention where you’re actually going or what you’re doing to do. But the good news is, date night makeup can be fun and hassle free! Whether you want to rekindle an old romance or get the attention of someone special, we’ve consulted our panel of beauty experts and compiled the Top Eight Makeup Trends to try on your next date night!

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Skin Prep Tips

So date night is finally here and the pressure is on to create a flawless look, but did you know you should have started prepping your skin weeks ago? If you’ve had a busy week at the office, it’s likely that you skin is showing the signs, so shake it off asap with our quick top four skin rejuvenating tips.

  1. Ice Ice Baby:Take an ice cube straight from the freezer and rub it gently under your eyes and on top of your eyelids for a few minutes (up to ten minutes if you can withstand it) as this will quickly diminish dark circles and reduce puffiness under your eyes.
  2. Lemon-Aid: If you haven’t had your daily glass of lemon water, drink it now, it’s better late than never! It’s full of Vitamin C and gives your skin a healthy glow! Warm water is better for digestion, sip it in the morning to kick-start your day!
  3. Green Tea Toner: Ditch the chemicals as well as the price tag and make your own Green Tea toner at home. The antioxidants will soothe irritated skin and give you that instant refresh you need before your night out!
  4. Loose Lips:For dry and irritated lips, brush them gently with a clean toothbrush to remove dry skin. Pop a slice of cucumber on them for a few seconds for an instant refresh! Use a lip balm daily to keep them soft and supple!

Top Eight Makeup Trends For Your Next Date Night

When it comes to dating, confidence is key, so if you’re going to try a new look for your next date night, we recommend trying it at home a few times before the big event – after all, practice makes perfect! So whether you’re on a first date at the movies or you and the hubby have an evening alone at home for the first night in a while, check out our favourite date night beauty ideas to try and make this date night one you’ll never forget!

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1. Peachy-Keen

Orange is the new black, so it’s time to embrace the latest peach-coloured celebrity approved craze. Orange eyeshadow anyone? Whilst it might seem like the most unlikely of trends, this burnt red/orange eyeshadow colour combo comes in various shades and is everywhere this season! Blending a wash of colour across the eyes gives a flawless, radiant glow that every woman desires! Perfect for watching the sunset!

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2. So Fresh, So Clean

Barely there makeup has always been a thing and this subtle but stunning look is the ultimate ‘I woke up like this’ date night style. It’s always best to avoid applying a heavy foundation – keep your look light and use a tinted moisturiser instead. The idea is to complement your natural skin tone, not hide it. Brush up your brows and add a dab of lengthening mascara. Wear your hair back off your face for a low-key approach to your next daytime date!

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3. Shine Bright

If you’re fond of colour, get disco ready with a rainbow of metallic colours for your next date night. Channel your inner mermaid and go for an electric blue (it’s back) or a dash of neon pink. These pigments can be applied generously to the eyelid or just below the lower lashes for a hint of colour. You’ve been pinning them on your beauty inspo board all season, now it’s finally time to give it a go!

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4. You’re Blushing

Simple is sexy and as the Summer starts to heat up, it’s time to embrace fresh, pretty, perfect skin! The key here is to create a natural glow by using a light pink blush and applying it to the top of the cheekbones (suck in your cheeks to make this easier) in soft, feather like strokes. Pair this look with natural, slicked back hair, to add a subtle drama to your next date night.

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5. Kiss and Tell

Channel your inner femme-fatale with this killer lipstick look that ticks all the boxes. Choose your favourite shade of rouge and if possible, a low-maintenance lipstick that will last all night! There are so many colours to choose from, but selecting a red lipstick with a blue undertone will help make your teeth look whiter! It’s time to pucker up – you’ll never fail with a red lipstick; it’s the ultimate date night trick!

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6. Hollywood Glow

Light up your life, and your face with the ultimate Hollywood glow. For an all-over luminous look, go light on the bronzer and apply illuminator to the top of your cheekbones, down the bridge of your nose and just under your eye. Use a white eye pencil along the water line of your eye to really brighten the eye. You’ll be glowing before you even start that romantic candlelit dinner!

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7. Spread Your Wings

Is there anything more chic than a dramatic winged eyeliner? While this can take a little practice, when done right, it’s the perfect alluring look! First mark out the line with a kohl pencil so you measure the length and width perfectly, then go over and fill it in using a liquid or cream liner. Use a lightweight setting spray to keep everything in place and you won’t have to dash to the bathroom for touch ups! Keep your lipstick natural so your date can get lost in your eyes!

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8. Nail It

Whilst this might seem like a small thing, your nails are a high impact accessory and shouldn’t be forgotten. Trust us, your partner will appreciate the effort! The traditional French manicure might be making a comeback, but when it comes to nails, let your personality shine through! Try a modern metallic manicure or a colour blocked mix of primary colours and geometric patterns, perfect to try this Summer!

Date night is a chance to break out of your routine, try something a little creative or plan something unexpected! Whether it’s a new love or an old flame, dial up the romance and try one of the hottest makeup trends this season and add a little pizzazz to your next date night!

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