Birthday Dress Ideas

Finding that perfect birthday dress can cause anyone a whole heap of unnecessary stress. Your birthday is , after all, the one day of the year where you can demand that all the attention to be on you, and you alone! Because no matter what magic number you are turning, everyone wants to look and feel their best!

Whether it's an 18th you're attending, or a 'Fabulous at 50' celebration, there is a dress out there for everyone. So, take a look at our "top birthday dress ideas", and find yourself an outfit that screams "I LOOK AND FEEL FABULOUS!"

Young and Fun

21st Birthday Dress

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18th birthday parties are where all the fun begins! It's the first real chance we get (if you're the host) to dictate the dress code and throw on THE perfect birthday dress. Ensuring all eyes are on you, all night long!

With so many amazing dresses out there, choosing the perfect one can be a hard task. If it's an 18th or 21st that you're attending, you're lucky, the options are endless. When it comes to finding the perfect outfit, there's nothing better than opting for that fun and flirty little number to dance the night away in.

If you're the birthday girl, one of the best ways to stand out from the crowd is to choose a theme, say 'Black and White', and then you wear something colourful! Whether you opt for a plain, single coloured outfit, or go bold with a pretty pattern - think anything Camilla - having a dress that's a different colour to the rest of your guests will ensure everyone knows who the birthday girl is!

Top Birthday Dress Ideas

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If you're the guest, while you don't want to upstage the birthday girl, you also want to look your best. The key, at and 18th or 21st, is to stay classy! Try and avoid wearing a dress that's short, tight, backless AND has a deep-V neckline all combined. Pick one 'statement' feature, and let it do the talking.

If you opt for a shorter dress, or something made from a sheer material, look for one that's got a relatively high neckline; if it's longer in length, go for something a bit more 'sexy' with a plunging neckline, or backless look. Remember, you wan't to stand out, but no one wants to have any unwanted wardrobe malfunctions caught on camera!

Forever Fabulous

30th 40th 50th birthday dress ideas

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If your teenage years of partying and boogying the night away have been replaced by more sophisticated cocktail dinners and stylish celebrations, fear not! This does not mean you have to lose out on your fashionable side and opt for a boring, simple birthday dress or pant-suit.

Sure, when the big 3.0, 4.0 and 5.0 start to grace our calendars, one of our biggest concerns is trying to dress appropriately. However, rather than sticking to the 'old-faithfuls', why not branch out and opt for something different, a little bit daring, this birthday. Finding a birthday dress that will make you feel a million dollars, and no, you won't look like mutton dressed as lamb, is easier than you think!

Ignore anyone who believes in the old age-related fashion dictums - think 'no miniskirts after 20, no long hair, short sleeves after 50? NEVER' this is your time to shine! And if you feel ahh-mazing in a shorter, flouncier dress then GO FOR IT!

Our top birthday dress picks

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Think about a part of your body that you love, and find a dress that shows that off! For those of you who have collarbones that would make Angelina Jolie jealous, opt for an off-the-shoulder look, or why not try a classically styled halter neck dress with a draped skirt from Zimmermann.

For those who like a bit more coverage, but still want to embrace their younger self, why not try on a jumpsuit for your special day?! There's plenty of stylish jumpsuits out there that will suit anyone and everyone, it's just a matter of feeling comfortable. Black is always a perfect colour to opt for, keeping it classy and allowing for other features of the outfit to do the talking.

It is your special day, after all, so you can do whatever you want!

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