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Black Prom Dress Trends you can try at your Upcoming Formal Event

The Prom, commonly well known as an American formal party held at the end of the school year. Although it may appear to be similar to the Aussified’ School Formal Function, the Prom strikes us as an event with a slightly more relaxed formal vibe. It seems to depict a feeling of individualism rather than an immediate outreach for that over embellished glitter ball gown.

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When it comes to a Prom event there are a gazillion styles you can choose from, however the one we are focusing on today, drum roll please, is the Black Prom Dress! A recent spike in Prom inspired events within Australia has us inspired with our easy-to-adapt black dress looks. If you’re in need of the perfect fail proof style, you can’t go past a classic black dress.

Whether it’s a sultry bare shoulder style you’re after, a delicate lace number or simple spaghetti strap neckline, you’ll be sure to find a look to suit your needs. Keeping it classic has never felt so good with our top black dress styles you can easily try at your upcoming school formal function. For the ultimate LBD style guidance read below and don’t forget to browse through our Black Prom Dress Collection when you’re done ????

Our Top 7 Black Dress Styles

Just like the name suggests, the spaghetti strap is a very thin shoulder strap usually supporting a straight neckline. Although traditionally thin in nature, like your favourite pasta it can come in a range of shapes and sizes. For instance, some straps can be thick (like fettuccine or pappardelle) while others can be thin (like spaghetti). Sure, some may argue that the spaghetti strap is exactly what it states to be … A ‘thin’ spaghetti strap, but a variety of strap styles ranging in thickness is a matter of choice.

A daring deep plunge neckline is a great choice particularly for a bold, bright and bubbly fashionista. Take care with this style to ensure your V-plunge is more high fashion chic and less wardrobe malfunction disaster. For a flawless finish be sure to choose a style with invisible tulle netting. This will avoid any unfortunate fashion mishaps happening (circa Super Bowl 2004). This style is more suited to someone with less of a bust-worthy neckline or someone with a straight slender form.

Classic black dress styling at its absolute finest! The seductive strapless black dress will have you oozing with a fearless glamazon appeal from the second you put it on. A bustier neckline will ensure you feel elegantly feminine, while a knee level split will add a touch of edge to your look. A GlamCorner favourite, the black strapless dress is your ultimate formal fashion staple. Try it at your upcoming school formal function for a style guaranteed to stand the test of time.

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This one is for the free-spirited wild child who is young at heart. The rule breaker and risk-taker, the one who isn’t afraid to stand out in a crowd. Channel your inner feminist with a tailored black jumpsuit! The jumpsuit is a perfect combination, where comfort meets epic style and stereotypes are re-defined. Wear your pants with pride and you’ll undoubtedly score all the marks you need to ace your fashion style effortlessly. So if you’re after something a tad different, try a black jumpsuit at your upcoming formal event.

Feel divine in a stunning sheer number, the perfect look for the classic style fashion lover. A classically elegant look that will have you feeling as if you’ve come from another time. A time of sheer elegance when intricate spot mesh detailing and billowing free form silhouettes were all the rage. Capture your romantic side with this gorgeous look and feel every bit like the mystical young lady you know you are. A celebration of all things regal and grand, yet exceptionally sweet and girly.

What’s not to love about the fabulous off-the-shoulder look, the perfect style for showcasing your delicate collarbones. There is something so incredibly enduring about the off-the-shoulder look as it beautifully shows off just the right amount of skin in the most feminine way. A stunning style choice particularly when balancing a body shape with a fuller midsection. Keep it freshly flirtatious with an off-the-shoulder black dress this formal season.

Who said LBD styling has to be full black, it can be so much more than that with the right print style. A black based polka print is your key to achieving monochromatic black print bliss. Add some flavour to your LBD look by opting for a small white-on-black dot print style. Choosing a fine print will allow the black to remain prominent thus giving the illusion of a black dress from the distance. However, as you come closer all will be delighted to discover the dress does in fact spot a polka-dot print.

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Top Tip* Style Add Ons

The Hair

When it comes to styling your hair, key considerations should be keeping the overall look understated and simple. Remember the black dress is fierce enough on its own, so all you need is a great addition to contrast against the monochromatic background. Defuse the harshness of solid black colouring by adding some gold hardware such as gold hair clips or an elaborate shiny gold headpiece. Other options of keeping in the black theme are with an understated black ribbon beautifully woven through a plait or perhaps used as a headband to frame the face.

The Makeup

The options are truly endless when picking a beauty look for your gorgeous monochromatic dress as most make-up combinations will look great with a black dress. Whether you choose to rock a bold eyeliner look, daring coloured lip or beautifully bronzed cheekbones, you’ll be sure to knock it right out of the park. For that flirty senorita style, a red lip will take your dress to the next level. Perhaps you want to keep it fresh and youthful? Add some shimmer to your look for that youthful glow.

The Accessories

Accessories will help set the tone for the overall style of your black dress choice. They will play a pivotal part in complementing your black outfit, so you want to make sure you match elements accordingly. For an elegantly timeless finish try adding some gold accents to your style. Add a gold clutch and a pair of bold gold drop earrings to your black dress look. If you’re after a touch of drama add a pair of red strappy stilettos and a matching red headpiece.

Tip* Take care to follow through consistently by matching all your elements appropriately, for example black shoes with a matching black bag.

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