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Caulfield Cup Dress Code: What to Wear


If what you want to wear to the races has you sartorially stuck, year after year, then fear not: help is on hand. Unlike Derby Day, the Caulfield Cup has no strict dress code.

What initially may not seem to be, consider this a blessing in disguise. Yes, your outfit choices may seem to have no end,  but once we’ve finished putting together our top-to-toe guide, you’ll be pulling together a Cup worthy outfit in no time.

In saying that, as with every other race day, there are a certain few dress code rules that everyone has to follow. No jeans, no thongs, and definitely no mid-riffs – the tacky type at least.

So, from top to toe, for all shapes, styles and sizes, we have your Caulfield Cup Dress ready and waiting for you.

Lacey Lacey

caulfield cup lace dress

Image Source: Life With Me

Search anywhere online, whether it be red carpets or fashion week street style, and lace is making a comeback. From modern style cutouts to renaissance inspired lace ruffles, the fashion world is loving the resurgence of this delicately delicious material. Think Self Portrait, Chloe, Gucci – anything that oozes elegance and class.

With this in mind, take a walk down memory lane and seriously consider an incredible lace gown as your go-to outfit for this years Caulfield Cup. As there is no ‘strict’ colour dictating dress code, lace numbers are the perfect way to stand out from the racing fashionable crowd.

caulfield cup

Our top tip is to look for one that has shape and style. Lace dresses need a little extra volume so the delicate fabric can hold itself up. If a fuller skirt is what you opt for, then keep the silhouette soft up top with spaghetti straps and minimal detailing.

Pair it back with a simple nude pump, then make the outfit pop with a statement fascinator in a matching colour, or in a simple black.

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Go Big and Bold

caulfield cup

Image Source: Pinterest

Going bold in a bright colour can be daunting. However, don’t reject the idea simply because it requires a little courage! Colour blocking your outfit will have you standing out from the crowd, for all the right reasons. The trick to perfecting this look is to work with colours that match your skin tone, and each other.

For those of who you are lucky enough to have gorgeous sun kissed skin, stick to the brighter tones: oranges, reds, yellows will work best. For those who err towards the paler end of the spectrum, opt for darker colours so you don’t look washed out. Think navy blues and purples.

caulfield cup

caulfield cup

Finish the outfit off with a bold pair of stilettos and a simple statement fascinator. You want the dress to do all the talking so keep accessories to a minimal.

Two Piece

caulfield cup

Image Source: Who What Wear

For those who like to step out of the fashion box, the sartorially sophisticated of us may like to try their hand at the matching two piece. Whether it be a pair of pants and flowing top, or a matching skirt and strapless top set, the Caulfield Cup is the perfect place to wear and outfit like this with pride.

Our top tip is to look for one that’s modern, got shape, style and a little extra something tucked away. If fitting into the crowd is not something you like to do, then go bold with this dress and cape combination by Thurley. Not what one would usually associate with “two piece”, it’s added flare comes in the way of a detachable cape. (For those who wish they were Kahleesi or Hermione!!)

caulfield cup

Pair the dramatic style back with a simple nude heel and a statement matching fascinator to bring the entire look together. Then throw a bag with a pop of colour over your shoulder and your set to go!

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