Cleaning Out Your Closet: How To

While its technically still Winter, the weather is definitely telling us otherwise, so we've decided it's a good time to get a head start on cleaning out your closet. What to some is pictured as the most daunting of household tasks, a true spring clean will make even the greatest of hoarders feel light and airy; bringing new life in to the dullest of wardrobes.

So, when it comes to cleaning out your closet, look no further than our 4 Top Tips to ensure you have plenty of room to move - and have plenty of space for those coveted purchases you've been dying to buy but just can't justify.

Organise Your Life

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Cleaning out your closet will be made a whole lot easier if your wardrobe is easily organised, visually appealing, and clothes are easily accessible. While not all of us can afford an extravagant Carry Bradshaw-esque walk in wardrobe/entire house, there's plenty of cheats versions of wardrobes, racks, and chests of draws that will make your wardrobe look a million dollars.

Storage is key, so when looking to design your wardrobe ensure there's plenty of space. Clothes can be (neatly) piled up, pretty boxes can keep random things neat and tidy, or shoes, bags, and hats can be easily stored and accessible.

Look to homewares stores like Ikea or Freedom for some cheap cupboards, bookshelves and hanging racks that will suit your space. Pinterest also has heaps of wardrobe inspiration ideas, so make yourself and board and get inspired to make yourself that dream wardrobe space.

Colour Coding

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A simple, yet extremely effective step, colour coding your wardrobe before you spring clean your closet (and maintaining it after) is a sure fire way to visualise (and hopefully internalise) that 10 white t-shirts is perhaps 8 too excessive.

As cleaning out your closet can be a seriously boring task, make it easier by doing this first. Then, work through each section and decide which double of each top/shirt/short/skirts/jeans will be worn more. Those that don't make the cut can be put to the side for sorting out later.

The trick to ensuring you actually Spring Clean your cupboard and make some much needed extra room is to stick to the One Year Rule. (OYR). If you haven't worn it in over a year, it's out. NO EXCUSES. Think of it as a silent BFF sitting there, watching over your shoulder ensuring you are doing what you're supposed to be doing.

Love, Like, Loath

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Create three piles of clothing and be brutal with you placement. We recommend sorting them into something like this: Love: keep it; Like: potentially go; Loath: see ya later alligator! These three 'groupings' will ensure your spring clean is perfectly organised and anything you aren't sure about will have a second chance at love.

Anything that's placed in the loath pile give straight to charity. Ensure it's still in good nick though, no one wants to receive someones scrappy second-hand rags. For anything that has potential at second life, have a go at posting it on eBay or set up a stall at one of your local markets and try to make some quick cash.

The age old saying: "Reduce, Re-use, Recycle" (as silly as it may sound) is coming back into fashion (excuse the pun) and if there's any chance of lowering the number of clothes that go into landfill each year, we are definitely on board!

Why Buy When You Can Rent?

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The final trick of the trade. Over the past couple of years, dress rental websites have become seriously popular, and for good reason too. Why spend hundreds of dollars on a dress that you will wear once, when you can rent it and save yourself a stack of cash!

While we understand us girls have a permanent system of dress rental going between your friends, we also know everyone loves to wear a new designer dress every once in a while. So here's where we come in. Head over to and check out the hundreds of designer dresses we have to rent for a fraction of the retail price! Yes, you did just read that correctly.

Rent it, wear it, and sent it back, and we'll take care of all the dry-cleaning and post wear worries for you. So, cleaning out your closet doesn't have to be too hard after all, right!? Get Spring Cleaning!

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