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Colours of Spring: Lilac, Blush and Pastels


Year in, year out the seasonal colour transition occurs, this time, fashions big shots have mixed the classic colours of spring with a dash of renaissance and romance.

Ruffles, lace, bell sleeves and peter-pan colours are back in business meaning your Spring/Summer wardrobe is about to get a complete makeover.

As the warmer weather begins to roll in, and the Spring/Summer collections start to drop, the colours in our wardrobes transition from deep, darker shades of khaki, brown and maroon to lighter hues of Lilac, Blush and Pastel.


colours of spring - lilac tones

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A muted take on Pretty in Pink dressing, lilac remains a first class winner when it comes to the colours of spring. The varied shades of lilac work for both lighter and darker skin tones making spring dressing an easy option for everyone.

Opt for a style that suits your body type. Whether this be fuller skirts, strapless dresses or soft draping styles, perfecting the style of dress will make this tone look that much better.

Look for modern styled lace and intricate detailing to take lilac hues to the next level. Best served alongside simple accessories, toughen up the overall look with vintage leather jackets and black hardware for a perfectly finished spring outfit.

colours of spring- lilac tones

colours of spring - lilac tones


blush tones - colours of spring

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Unlike the shade of red your cheeks turn when overcome by a wave of nervousness, blush shades incorporated in our Colours of Spring list take reference from the lighter shades of peonies, feathers and anything associated with pink, nude, or cream.

Dresses in blush tones come in varied shades, shapes and designs. A paler hue works better against darker skin tones while bronze-undertoned blush gowns style well with pale to lightly bronzed skin colourings. Our trick to making blush toned dresses style well is to opt for an overall minimalist approach, i.e classic sling back shoes in nude. Team with minimal accessories and easy-to-manage hairstyles for added sophisticated simplicity.

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colours of spring- blush tones
colours of spring - blush tones


pastel tones - colours of spring

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Pastel undertones are the back bone of the colours of spring. From soft baby blues to mint greens and lemon yellows, pastel hues work for every skin tone and body shape.

The trick of the trade is looking for dresses that embody the lighter tone in style, material and shape. Think soft draping, lightweight materials, or renaissance style lace work and ruffling. While block colours work wonders (simplicity at its best), prints in a mixture of pastel tones add warmth to the colouring. Making for a modern take on traditional colour-coding.

Keep the overall look minimal. Match the softer hues of your outfit with pale, nude coloured heels. Opt for a simple stiletto, clog or gladiator block heel teamed with fine jewellery for a polished finish.

colours of spring- pastel tones
colours of spring - pastel tones


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