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Derby Day Dress Code

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Rejoice, spring racing season is fast approaching which can only mean one thing, show-stopping fashions! Amongst the abundantly diverse range of race day events one stands out. The monochromatic marvel that is Derby Day.

Derby Day is infamous for its strict ‘Black and White’ theme!  Mix that with the hottest fashion trends as worn by the hottest contenders in the Australian social scene and you’ve got yourself one mammoth event!

It’s all about the fabulous monotone outfits, fun accessories, and extravagant hats. Experiment with eye-catching sleeves, delicate lace textures and fun geometric prints. Finer details such as textured fabrics are a great way of adding a touch of interest or intrigue. Dazzle the crowd with a ruffled skirt feature or perhaps a fun polka dot pattern.

Keep your accessories on trend with golden elements such as bold gold hoop earrings or a statement neck piece. Add a boldly eccentric black or white fascinator to your look for complete style domination and you’ll be the first across the fashion finish line.

Get into the monochromatic spirit this Derby Day with our hot trend style guide guaranteed to help you hit the fashion mark at this highly anticipated event.  Get inspired and stand out amongst the sea of monochrome with our quick guide on What to Wear to Derby Day .

Tips to Remember When Dressing for Derby Day


  1. As the theme suggests stick to a black and white colour palette.
  2. Opt for clean-cut tailoring to ensure a figure flattering fit.
  3. Always be sure to wear comfortable shoes, your feet will love you for it.
  4. Make sure to plan ahead, don’t leave your outfit until the last minute.
  5. Always smile, it’s bound to be your best accessory!


  1. Don’t show too much skin! Keep it elegant, less is always more.
  2. Wear a super short mini dress, avoid unnecessary flashing.
  3. Overdo it with the makeup, keep your look fresh-faced for a more youthful look.
  4. Wear joggers or thongs, for obvious reasons ladies!
  5. Forget to add a black, white or black and white fascinator to your winning look!

Trends to Try at Derby Day

1. Black Dress, White Accessories

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When opting for the fail-proof LBD (little black dress) instinctively your first thought may be to reach for the matching black accessories. Ladies, it doesn’t have to be that simple. Skip the cliche with this simple to emulate look, the white accessories on black will give you the pop you desire. Add a striped black and white headscarf to your long-styled ponytail or try a hot-to-trend belt bag in white. Looking edgy has never been easier with this incredible style hack!

2. White Dress, Black Accessories

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A slightly more classic look, black accessories on white will have you feeling elegant in no time.  Nothing complements spring fashion better than a crisp white frock so why not try it today. The thought of a white dress may seem a bit daunting but trust us, you will not be disappointed. Complete this fierce look with a pair of black patent leather stilettos and envelope sized black clutch bag.  So go on, what are you waiting for, rule the crowd with this gorgeous Parisian style at your upcoming spring Derby day event.

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3. Monochromatic Block

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Sometimes it can be hard to decide on an outfit and, for the more indecisive of us, we can find ourselves overwhelmed by the thought of a strict black and white dress code. Don’t stress we have the solution, it doesn’t have to necessarily be so black or white! Think a little outside the box and combine the two with a monochromatic block look. A great way to dress and tailor perfectly to your body shape. Style to your advantage and highlight your best assets. For example, if you have an hourglass figure choose a black skirt for a more figure-flattering touch.

4. Inverted Piping

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If you’re not afraid to take a bit of a fashion risk then this is the one for you! Experiment with some ‘inverted piping’ hemline detailing. The perfect way to add a modern touch to your Derby day look. Turn this classic Coco Chanel inspired style into your own unique creation with black on white or white on black hemline piping. A great balance between classic and modern styling. Sometimes a glimpse of simple detailing is all you need, so try an inverted black and white look today!

5. Monotoned Polka Dot

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Make your look pop by adding a tad of edginess with a monotone polka dot textured fabric. Let the texture of your fabric do all the talking in this gem of a look with a delicately embellished fabric. Explore beyond the boundaries with cut-out shape detailing whilst remembering to keep your style monotone for a chic streamline look. Turn the ‘polka dot print’ trend on its head this spring season with a 3D effect that will have your hot to trot instantaneously. Be the fashion envy of the crowd with this incredibly lush fashion look.

What’s not to love about classic tailoring as it always manages to bring  A-game style to the field. It’s not really hard to see why the Derby Day event is the most stylish of the spring racing bunch as you truly can’t go past a chic black and white look. With its timeless appeal, versatile fit and super easy to wear nature you’re guaranteed a fashion hit. Get your Derby Day sorted this spring race season with our vast variety of designer dresses. Browse through our  Black and White Collection today and find the perfect outfit to offer you a pretty springtime feminine feel! For more styling tips read our 7 Makeup Ideas To Try With a White Dress blog post.

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