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Designer Series: EP 07 – Keepsake The Label

Carmen Dugan head designer of Keepsake The Label sits down for a chat with GlamCorner about the start of her career as a designer and where she gets inspiration from to create her collections.

What is your story and how did you become the head designer of Keepsake The Label?

I studied at TAFE in Adelaide and then started in admin at Australian Fashion Labels. I was answering the front door and putting through sales orders when Mel and Dean saw an opportunity to start Keepsake and I was lucky enough to move into the position of head designer.

What/who are you inspired by?

I really love travelling! That’s always inspiring, experiencing different cultures and also different fabrics. I really love finding the fabric that I want to use and then designing around that.

Our customers love your floral pieces. Can you tell us about the design process behind creating your exclusive prints?

We are actually very lucky that we work with quite a few print houses in Australia and internationally who are already creating really beautiful prints. We work with them very closely and we will then change the print slightly, tweak them and work with the colour palette for the collection.

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Who is your style icon?

I would say my style icon is Alexa Chung. She is just effortless and always looks amazing.

What are your tips for styling the perfect desk to dinner outfit?

I would say my tips for styling the perfect desk to dinner outfit would be something as simple as adding a red lip or statement earrings and then, of course, changing to a beautiful stiletto heel at night time.

As Keepsake is designed by a design team, how do you collaborate with your team to create such beautiful pieces?

I always try to come to work really positive. Despite whatever has happened the day before or anywhere else I really like to inspire my team. It’s a lot of responsibility managing a team and you have to make sure they are in the right headspace and feeling inspired themselves.

What is something that you live by?

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My advice for those wanting to start out in fashion is that it’s a lot of hard work. Of course there are glamorous times and I really enjoy my job, but it’s also very hard and you have to be very committed and also know your product and your customer.

What opportunities for your brand do you see in working with GlamCorner?

I see a lot of great opportunities in Keepsake working with GlamCorner. I think it gives the customers a lot of opportunities to wear the brand and really encourages them to be returning customers to Keepsake and also to GlamCorner.

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