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Designer Series – EP 02 Studio Aniss

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December 25, 2017

Australian based expert Milliner, Aniss Adler of Studio Aniss, shares the inspiration behind her exclusive collection with GlamCorner and her thoughts on the fashion rental industry.

Tell us how it all began. What is the story that inspired Studio Aniss?

My path from graphic design to fashion was very interesting. It all started as a hobby making some head pieces for a fine art exhibition and whomever saw the pieces wanted one. So I then thought oh that’s interesting, I can just do this after hours for some fun pieces! I then entered the Sydney carnival and I won first prize for millinery. People were asking me for cards, where’s your studio and I was like.. I don’t know. My friends encouraged me to enter a millinery course and from there I entered the Melbourne Cup millinery award and I won. Everyone asked what’s Studio Aniss, who is she, we’ve never heard of her. It was all of a sudden very intense from the start. It wasn’t very gradual- so graphic design was pushed out and it was all millinery!

Did you ever think a hobby would turn into such a successful business?

The time that I enjoyed it as a hobby was very short. For me it stayed as a hobby maybe for 3-4 months and then after that I had my mind set on establishing a business. It’s great to focus on your skills, but you have to stop at some point and think about how to structure your business, your operation and your sales.

You said you began as a graphic design artist. What made you change career paths?

I had been working as a graphic designer but always had a side artistic project going on and for me the biggest transition from a hobby to a business was changing the mindset. At some point you have to think about how it’s going to operate and how it’s going to work.

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What drew you to designing millinery?

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I’m trying to push millinery towards more innovative ways and my inspiration for this season is looking at traditional Russian crowns. At the same time I constantly had the concept of a snowflake at the back of my mind and I was trying to bring these two together.

Where do you find inspiration and how do you translate that into your designs?

The way that I develop the idea of a new collection is with what I’m obsessed about it. I always have some ideas brewing at the back of my mind, something I see at a theater, an opera, wherever, it’s like if something clicks I just keep it in mind and I think about it for months or until the time for making the collection comes up. Although trend is also a big part of designing a collection, for me I never jump on the train of the trend and just make whatever is out there, instead it has to have the Studio Aniss handwriting all over it. So the process of designing a piece consists of thinking about what’s going on in the fashion world at this moment and then translating it into the Studio Aniss design.

Why have you decided to work with GlamCorner?

It took me a while to jump on board and I had a few different offers for joining rental industries, but I wasn’t sure. I had a bit of time to think about it and now I love it and think it’s just a fantastic concept. Looking at it from the perspective of the fast fashion’s impact on the environment and the concept of sharing the clothes that you’re only going to wear once, I love it more and more and think GlamCorner is just doing it right.

When designing for the Studio Aniss girl what are your main considerations?

Our hashtag is allergic to ordinary and I mean it. Whoever picks our head pieces say ‘oh my god it’s different from whatever else I’ve seen’ and these are the people that we are really catering for. Our customers don’t want to be the one that’s wearing what everybody else is wearing, so when I’m designing I always have her in mind and I can’t let her down.

What are the key styling tips for the perfect spring racing look?

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My tip for spring racing is when you’re at home you always think that ‘oh it’s too much I don’t want to be over-the-top’ or ‘that might look a bit ridiculous’. But when you turn up to the event, everybody has done way more than you and you feel like ‘oh I could have worn that’. So just be the best version of yourself and if it’s over the top, it’s the right one.

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