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Gatsby Dress Code Style Guide

Without doubt, a Great Gatsby Dress Code invokes the inner party girl in all of us, no matter how much you love a costume/dress-up occasion. The best part of attending a Great Gatsby inspired party is that the options are endless. While sparkles, sequins and fringed shift dresses are true to the era, look to the Men if you were wanting a different take on 1920s style.

Here's our Gatsby Dress Code Style Guide for top to toe costume (and general fashion/style) ideas.

Deliciously Dazzling Daisy

daisy great gatsby ideas great gatsby dress code

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For those who loved the movie as much as myself, then the incredible costumes that Daisy sported throughout, would have had you 'oohing' and 'ahhing' from start to finish. While the producers and costume makers teamed up with arguably one of the most incredible fashion houses in the world (Prada) their modern take on the 1920s stylish fashion has sparked a new need, desire, and want, for the glimmer and glamour of dropped waists, fringing and fur.

Shift dresses are always an easy-to-wear style for all body shapes, in saying that however, its best to look for one that has subtle design lines or a tiny bit of shaping to the pattern to ensure you don't end up looking like you're wearing a sparkle sack.

Simple dress shapes work best when enhanced by different sequin colours, patterns in the sequin design or a neck-line that isn't a simple scoop. Pair back a statement dress as such with a simple two-strap block heel and 1920s style headband or headpiece to really add the finishing touches.

Man Up

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Because we all love to dress, look and feel a bit 'manly' every once in a while, here's your perfect chance to Man Up and test out that chic, female tux look. Costume parties are great for road testing a different style, and while this one is definitely costume party worthy, there is an argument for its translation into everyday wear!

Style a classic blazer with a lace singlet (or bra if you're a bit more daring) with a pair of tailored trousers and heels for a seriously classy take on a male dress code. Ensure the blazer is done up with only one button (or hook an eye) for a subtly sexy/sultry overall look.

Alternatively, look for an all black, modern jumpsuit that maintains the She Suit look but with something a little extra. It's all about adapting that Great Gatsby dress code for you - whether that be a fringed shift dress or a seriously sexy suit and bow tie.

Classic 20s Style

slip dress 1920s great gatsby dress code

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Here's where you can branch out a bit, while shift dresses are an easy option, a 1920s Great Gatsby Dress Code has plenty of other facets and faces that when styled to perfection, will ooze with elegance and class.

One option is to opt for a simple yet effective lace dress. Look for one that has a more open lace pattern, and preferably in a colour - think beyond the monochrome madness that swamps the fashion scenes of today.

Option two is to take a leaf out of Rosie Huntington-Whitely's style book and go for a simple, sexy, silk slip in pastel shades of pink, purple, mauve or blue. Pair it back with a fur coat and jewelled clutch for a true modern take on a seriously stylish decade.

Wrap Me Up

fur coat great gatsby dress code style

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The furs, feather boers, and feather head-bands were in full force during the 20s, so naturally, they've become an important part of any Great Gatsby Dress Code Style Guide. Think like Muccia Prada and draw inspiration from all colours available. Our favourite? Anything candy floss coloured and soft pastels to get us through.

When looking to add a fur coat to your outfit, think big and bold! Nothing screams 1920s like an over-the-top fur coat. Look for something in a colour that matches your dress and accessories - pale colours call for a softer toned coat - or, alternatively, opt for a classic vintage style.

Darker browns and blacks will match anything they're teamed with, so don't be afraid to tone down your jewel encrusted-sparklicious shift dress with a classy faux-rabbit-fur coat, or scarf. A Great Gatsby dress code means anything is suitable, so go all out.

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