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Our Guide For Choosing A Bridal Shower Dress

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February 8, 2016

Between the tricky dress codes, guidelines on correct colour etiquette (don’t wear black and never, ever wear white) and the worry of overstepping some unwritten boundary and “upstaging” the bride, wedding season can be a sartorial minefield. With peak wedding season fast approaching, we are bracing ourselves for the flurry of invitations to bridal showers, hen’s nights and, of course, ceremonies and receptions.

We understand that the bride-to-be is the focus, and, yes, planning all of these things is tremendously stressful for her but what about the rest of us? From pretty-but-not-too-pretty bridal shower dresses to ceremony hats and hen’s night heels, planning so many outfits is difficult too! One of the questions we hear most often from our customers is “what should I wear to a bridal shower?” so we have put together a little guide to help you pick your perfect bridal shower dress without the stress.

1. Go Girly

Is there anything more traditionally feminine than a bridal shower? A group of women together, celebrating another woman while swapping stories and tips on marriage and perhaps even indulging in a high tea. That is lady-tastic, and the perfect opportunity for you to go all-out feminine with your choice of bridal shower dress. We are talking floral prints, flowing silhouettes and pastel palettes. Embrace the feminine, even if you are usually more of a directional dresser.

2. Keep It Simple

As trite as it may seem, no one wants to be the person who takes attention away from the bride, so keeping embellishments to a minimum is always a good bet. Sure, a standout print is fine and a bold coloured bridal shower dress will always be your friend, maybe a bridal shower is not the best place to debut your new season fringed/bejewelled/diamond encrusted jumpsuit. Keep it simple, keep it classy.

3. Classic Is Key

A follow-on from #2, really, but more to do with your silhouette. A bridal shower really isn’t the time or place for experimenting with shapes or being super adventurous. The bride-to-be’s family is going to be there, grandma and all so sticking to a relatively conservative shape is going to benefit you. An easy-to-wear maxi dress, or a ladylike fit-and-flare silhouette would be perfect.

4. Colour Rules

At GlamCorner, we are all about breaking fashion rules but even we know that you have to pick your battles, and a bridal shower shouldn't be one of your battlefields. Yes, white is beautiful and yes, white is on trend right now but arriving in an all-white ensemble is guaranteed to raise a few eyebrows. The idea of the event is to celebrate the bride, not annoy her. On the opposite side of the spectrum, it’s also a good idea to steer clear of black. A summer bridal shower is a light and fun, so this might just be the one place that your little black dress doesn’t work.

5. The Little Things

Any fashionista knows that any successful look can come down to the accessories, and a bridal shower dress isn't exempt. When planning your look, consider the location – if you are outside, you probably don’t want to wear stilettos for fear of sinking into the ground (never a good look, ladies!). Jewellery should be low-key, since the bride's diamond will be the centre of attention anyway. Keep your hair and make-up simple and fresh. Loose waves and a glowing complexion are the perfect addition to a summer-ready bridal shower ensemble.

So, now you're feeling a little bit inspired, check out our range of designer dresses ready to rent for your next bridal shower.

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