How To Style Your Favourite Sun Dress 3 Different Ways

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January 16, 2017


Summer is my favourite time of year. Sure the sun, the lazy days at the beach and Summer sales make up 80% of this, but what makes me giddy over the sunny season is that I can finally wear all my Summer dresses. No more of the mathematical formula of layering in Winter, no more basing an outfit on which coat complements without ruining it. You just slip on a dress and voila.

But each Summer I’m reminded of the fact that despite endless possibilities, endless styles, endless outfits waiting to be taken off the rack after a long hibernation; I always reach for that one favourite sun dress.

It just falls right, it skims the body perfectly so its great for those ‘blah’ days and those ‘is that a 6-pack coming on?!’ days. It has a neutral aesthetic so it goes with everything. It’s comfy and doesn’t stick; not even on the vinyl seats of the public bus. It’s perfect. But there’s only so many times you can wear the same dress!

Kick the stagnant out of your beloved sun dress and give it a Summer makeover with these 3 simple yet stylishly effective ideas. Not only will you be amazed at the transformation a simple couple of added accessories can make, but you will save big time!

Your Sun Dress Transformed – The Same Dress 3 Different Looks

The Dress:

Fame & Partners - Floral Days Dress - Front

FAME & PARTNERS ‘Floral Days Dress’

Sizes: 10

Rent for $69

Look 1: A Sun Dress Can Be Formal With The Right Accessories

Adorne - Diamante Stacked V Cuff - Silver
Olga Berg - Lina Pyramid Mesh Pod - Gold - Front

There is power in a sparkly clutch and bangle. Take your favourite sun dress to the next level by pairing it with a diamante bangle and matching clutch for instant glamour. Keep the casual cool feel by stepping into a classic silver strappy sandal with a clear heel (ASOS $79.00); this way you get a perfect blend of daytime to nighttime wear, tying the whole outfit together. And please do not forget the hair! Look to some formal hairstyles to complete the look. I read somewhere recently along the lines of how no matter how frumpy the outfit, it will instantly look a million bucks with good makeup. I tried this and it works. It’s amazing how a winged eye can take you from frump to fab. Try it next time you reach for that sun dress and want to glam it up. You will look and feel like a new woman – promise. We swear you won’t recognize your basic sun dress without the flip-flops!

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Look 2: Instant Boho Babe

Samantha Wills - Reality of Dreams Ring
cream lace long kimono to wear over a sun dress

Wide brimmed floppy hats are all the rage this Summer season. I never was brave enough to get on board the floppy hat trend on the count that it reminded me of those awful drawstring wide-brimmed hats we were forced to wear during playtime at school. No hat = no playtime. Until one day my friend and I went shopping in Myer and she forced one on my head as if her life depended on it and surprise, surprise it was then I realized I was indeed a hat person. These wide-brimmed felt hats are tres chic and instantly uplift an outfit, giving it style and intrigue. What better way to transform an outfit than by popping on a hat? Combine this with a Boho jewelry statement piece and a Stevie Nicks worthy cream lace kimono. Details are always overlooked; that’s why they’re called details. But don’t skimp on them! They can make all the difference in transforming an outfit. Think about embellished nails or if you really want to embrace the boho, try some metallic temporary tattoos.

Look 3: Comfy Yet Chic

A sun dress can be made casual cool with a stylish twist by throwing on an oversized slouchy sweater and rolling up the sleeves. To avoid the baggy nun look, add some carefully selected accessories such as a layered necklace, bangles and an ankle boot with a heel for added length. I love that look of pairing a classic dress with a baggy sweater and pulling it slightly off one shoulder. I don’t know why, but it just works. It looks like that effortless Kate Moss just-thrown-together cool, minus the string of douchey drunken popster boyfriends. For the more hotter days, substitute a sweater for a sheer over-sized V-neck tee. Finish with that perfectly undone just-got-out-of-bed hair and say hello to stylishly lazy Summer Sunday’s.

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