How to use Snapchat for style advice

Here at GC, we know better than anyone how stressful it can be getting ready for a big event. Even when you’ve found the perfect dress, you want to create the perfect look, and putting together those finishing touches can sometimes be as difficult as choosing a dress in the first place!So you’ve got your dress or gown sorted, and now what? Do you go with the strappy nude heels, or the classic black pumps? A statement necklace or simple earrings? Minimal makeup or a dramatic eye? In an ideal world, here’s where you would be surrounded by your girlfriends – and maybe a glass of champagne – to offer their advice and help you feel fabulous, beautiful and confident. But we know that’s not always the case, and as it gets closer and closer to your event, finding the right accessories can become more and more daunting. If only there was a quick solution to this problem at your finger tips...Enter: Snapchat.

Getting Snapchat style advice

Now – social media is a huge part of any event. No doubt the event will be photographed and those photos posted on Facebook and Instagram, during and after the fact. But we think that social media can be a great way to help style your look before the event has even begun! Whether you're by yourself or with some friends, Snapchat can be a great way to sort of 'crowdsource' your look before heading out.

how to use snapchat with friends

It may sound daunting, but hear us out! At GC, Snapchatting our girlfriends is our go-to for last-minute style advice when we’re short on time or we just can’t decide. When we’re trying to decide what goes with what, Snapchat is a great way to share quick, easy pics directly with our girlfriends. They reply with the messaging feature, which facilitates a simple back-and-forth, and all of a sudden it’s like real-time style advice; cutting the stress and perfecting our outfits.

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The same thing goes when you’re trying to choose a dress! Whether you’re in a store fitting room or at home with some dresses from our Try-On service, sometimes you need a little external input to decide on the right piece. What we love about Snapchat for style advice is how personal it is – you take the photo you feel comfortable with, send it to the people you trust, and receive one-on-one feedback. Using Snapchat, you can cut out that daunting feeling of parading out of a dressing room to a store full of people. You get to orchestrate the experience!At GC, we want to make your experience easy and comfortable from start to finish, and we think that Snapchat is the perfect way to incorporate real time style advice into your rental experience. So our team of stylists are happy to help in any way they can – the GC Snapchat works both ways!

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