Jumpsuits in Winter: Style Guide

While most look to Summer days and warmer weather when we think to pull on any sort of all-in-one, the rest of us know that wearing jumpsuits in winter is not only hot in the Street Style blogging world right now, but also the perfect way to recycle your wardrobe and lower that cost-per-usage. (Cha-Ching!)

Styling jumpsuits in winter is a lot easier than you may be thinking. Work with contrasting textures, materials and patterns for a truly fashion forward take on a childhood favourite outfit. Take a look at out top tips when it comes to wearing (and looking fantastic) jumpsuits in winter.

Casual Class

layering jumpsuits in winter

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Wearing jumpsuits in winter doesn't always have to be for a formal affair. Layering a long sleeved shirt, or t-shirt for that matter, can instantly make the overall look more casual, meaning you can go from work to work drinks without a single worry you're neither over, nor underdressed.

While it's always good to move away from the monochrome madness that we so often sport, a simple black jumpsuit will be the most versatile item you can have in your wardrobe this winter. (Trust us!) From day to night, and back to day again, be it short sleeved or long sleeved, wearing a jumpsuit is the Female's answer to the Male's tailored suit.

Double your cost-per-wear for the fancier jumpsuits in your wardrobe with a few of these handy hints. Pair back a corseted, cropped culotte jumpsuit with a simple grey-marle t-shirt, finishing it off with a pair of crisp white runners for a casual, runaround approach to corporate dressing. Summer jumpsuits in winter? Easy!

Winter Warmers

velvet jumpsuits in winter

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Winter calls for heavier, more luxurious fabrics, so look to rich velvets, cashmere-wool blends and ponti knits when finding a jumpsuit suitable for the cooler months. Not only do these materials ooze winter warmth, they also fall about the body in a completely different way to the softer silks and light-weight cottons of Summer outfits. That, in itself, is a HUGE plus side!

While velvet may seem like a scary fabric form to wrap your curves in, you'd be surprised just how rich and regal one can look when velvet has been cut properly. Stretch velvets allow for more drape and movement in the jumpsuit, while a thicker more traditional velvet will work best when tailored to perfection. By day, or by night, velvet jumpsuits in winter are a guaranteed way to keep all your limbs toasty warm.

If something more traditional is more up your alley, look for tailored cuts and simple detailing to keep the overall look simple and classy. Fit and flare pants, capped sleeves, hidden pockets, deep V neck lines; the list of detailing is endless. For a classic cut, opt for a jumpsuit with ankle length or cropped style pants and a backless top. For those who fear the backless trend, look for something that has more detailing in the front: a simple cross over, split bat-wing sleeves or a classic V-neckline.

Double Denim

denim jumpsuits in winter

Image Source: Harpers Bazaar

Drawing inspiration from one of the funnest fashion decades in history, a perfect way to build your winter jumpsuit collection is to take a leaf out of every 70s disco divas book and find yourself a double-denim do. Whether you opt for a classic dungaree/pair of overalls, or lean towards the traditional jumpsuit style done in cowboy coloured denim, whatever you choose, this casual-cool look gets a serious makeover when done 'winter style'.

The key to this look is to play with textures; contrast the simple detail of the denim jumpsuit with a full textured knit layered beneath. Look for colours that reflect the Winter tones (burnt oranges, deep reds and khaki greens), keeping true to the 70s fashion colour palette.

Cable knit jumpers, merino wool turtle necks, or even a seriously soft cashmere, off-the-shoulder long sleeved top, all pair perfectly with the casual overlook of a denim jumpsuit. Throw them together for a seriously snug (and fashionable) take on an old-school classic.


Whether you're recycling your summer wardrobe or attending a more formal function, wearing jumpsuits in winter will make every day that extra little bit more exciting. We promise :)

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