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New Year’s Eve Ultimate Style Guide

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December 15, 2017

Undoubtedly the season to sparkle, New Year celebrations are an abundantly joyous and entertaining time of the year. New Year has become synonymous with hope and resolution in a bid to start making changes for the better. This coming year, more so than ever before we are in great need of some ultra-positive vibes. So let us help lighten the mood with some fun and bold fashion that will undoubtedly lift your spirits for a brighter 2018!


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Step by step guide to acing your New Year’s Eve look

  1. Assess the venue
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  2. One of the most important things to take note of is the type of venue your New Year’s party will be held at. This will work as the basis of understanding what outfit will work best and be in harmony with the surrounding elements.
  3. Whether you are hosting or attending, many of us will probably attend a house party gathering of some sort. This type of event usually calls for a more relaxed smart casual look. Think about indoor/outdoor elements. As New Year is a celebration that leads into the early hours of the next morning, you may want to take into account the cooler weather conditions during the evening to morning period and consider wearing something to cover your shoulders to avoid the midnight chill.
  4. For the more indulgent of us that may be attending a harbourside restaurant/bar venue, you may want to consider a more dazzling outfit choice and play around with embellishments or textured fabrics. The venue party is all about making that bold statement and standing out from the crowd.
  5. Analysing the theme
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  2. Make your event planning stress free by understanding the theme type of the party you are hosting or attending. Whether It’s a mysterious Masquerade bash, fancy dressed theme decade party, formal dinner soiree or simply a relaxed BBQ at home, understanding the theme will help you better choose your outfit.
  3. Understanding the theme will also help you accessorise. A great tip to remember is that if in doubt, do some research and look on google or insta for some inspiration!
  4. Picking an outfit style
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  2. This step is personally one of my favourites. As Australians we are relatively lucky when it comes to end of year celebrations and although we may fall a little short of white snow and hot chocolate by the fireplace, we most certainly make up for it with hot sunny weather.
  3. What better time of the year to be out and about celebrating than in the summer season. This in turn gives us an abundant selection of outfit styles and colours to choose from. So while half the world rugs up in subdued dark dresses and heavy coats, we Australians put our best tanned foot forward with sun kissed skin and bold, colourful colour palettes.
  4. One of the biggest trends coming through this season is bright bold colours such as mustard yellow and bubblegum pink. Try this electrifying look in a figure hugging silhouette for an added element of drama. The options are truly endless and the best part of all is, you don’t have to cover your fabulous outfit up with a drab coat. For a super festive vibe all night long opt for flashy florals or feminine fringing.
  5. Match your accessories
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  2. Matching our accessories can be a little tricky as we always seem to go for the obvious choice of matching our bag and shoe colour to our dress. While this is an undoubtedly fail safe option, you may want to take a more daring approach to your end of year celebration.
  3. Opt for bold contrasting colours and bejeweled elements for that festive touch. Sparkling accessories work really well with Christmas and New Year themes and really, when it comes to parties, you can never go wrong with a little sparkle.
  4. A great tip is to always work with a contrasting look in mind. For example if your dress is a solid jersey texture, compliment it with a pair of slender sparkling heels. Or perhaps you’re the ‘it girl’ type and have selected to wear a dazzling sequined number- in this case keep accessories more subdued and less extravagant.
  5. One of the biggest trends coming through this season is exaggerated large earrings which works perfectly well with this end of year extravagant celebration. Try a pair of oversized red tassel earrings with your New Year’s party LBD!
  6. Feel make up marvelous
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  2. When it comes to the perfect New Year’s party makeup look, your beauty style should reflect the features of your outfit choice. For example if you’re looking at wearing a bold red dress, complimenting it with a sultry red lip is the way to go. However you want to keep the rest of your face looking fresh and glowing so don’t overdo it with the makeup, let the boldly coloured lip do all the talking.
  3. Always opt for long lasting products as, more than likely, you will be outdoors and this type of makeup will generally wear better and last longer. When in doubt, remember It’s best to keep your overall makeup look light and accentuate one of your features with a bold finish. For example, choose a bold lip or perhaps a medium to dark winged eyeliner look.

Top 5 trends to try at your upcoming New Year’s Eve party

  1. Flashy Florals
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  2. Floral trends are constantly evolving and modernising, this season it’s all about the contrasting floral trend. This entails a large floral print largely repeated over the fabric, set apart using a bold background colour such as mustard yellow, pale grey or even chocolate brown. Get in touch with your earthy side this Upcoming New Year’s party season!
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  2. Romantic Ruffles
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  2. Be an alluring queen of confidence this New Year’s party season with a cascading flow of ruffles. Be daring and play with contrasting textures such as lace and sheer silk for the perfect balance of ethereal romanticism. This trendy style is a great look to take you from afternoon to evening, with its midi hemline making it super easy and effortless to wear.
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  2. Feminine Fringing
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  2. Fringing and tassel embellishment is all the fashion rage at the moment, and it really could not have come at a better time with the party season just around the corner. Thrill and excite in an on trend texture outfit. Soften the look and feel fem chic by selecting colours such as strawberry pink and clean crisp white.
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  2. Shapely Shoulders
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  2. Make your mark with an elegantly bold neckline, the off the shoulder textured strap is a great way to add dimension to your New Year’s style. This dynamic look is not one for the faint hearted but is guaranteed to draw in the crowds and make you the crowning fashion glory of the night! Start the year off with a bang in this gorgeous shapely shoulder style.
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  2. Embellished Elegance
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  2. There is no better way to say ‘Happy New Year’ than with a luxurious embellished dress! Shine bright amongst the night with a beautiful sequined number and you’ll bring in the new year like the star you are. For an elegantly glam look, opt for nude lined jeweled fabrics and delicately sheer fabrics.
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  3. Think about indoor/outdoor elements. Consider taking a light jacket with you.
  4. Set the party tone! Go bold with flashy florals and bright colours.
  5. If attending a themed party, research is key. Google images for inspiration.
  6. Accessories with bold exaggerated elements for that over the top festive touch.
  7. Your makeup style should reflect the features of your outfit, for example red dress, red lip.
  8. For more tips on how to style yourself festive read our What to Wear to a Work Christmas Party blog post.

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