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The Ultimate Spring Racing Carnival Fashion Guide

Image source: theraces.com

With spring race season just around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about your next jaw dropping look. Whether you’re just starting off as a beginner, are a regular attendee or the ultimate fashion race day pro, we have the top tips for this coming spring racing season to get you fashion ready. Look sophisticated this spring racing season with our super chic fashion pieces that are sure to impress come race day.

The first horse racing event was held over 100 years ago in Flemington, Melbourne. Traditionally spring racing carnivals did not focus on the ‘fashions of the field’, however, nowadays it has become synonymous events with top fashion events in Australia.

Dressing for the races can seem tricky and daunting for some while others seem right in their element. Especially for beginners, the key thing to remember is that when dressing for the races – if in doubt, keep it simple and let your fascinator do all the talking! Sure, you want to make a statement and usually, that requires taking the fashion plunge, but when it comes to racing 101, less is always more!

Spring racing season is all about making the ultimate fashion statement, that is ideally a beautiful balance between bold and classic fashion. There is something so incredibly empowering about spring race day fashion as it allows females to express their individually yet still harness their feminine side.

From stunning lace and dramatic ruffles to shiny satin and exaggerated sleeves you’ll be sure to find a winning style to make you feel like the perfect race day princess. For a more dramatic look, opt for a super demure figure hugging midi dress or perhaps for a more relaxed girly feel choose a looser fitted silhouette with sheer panelling and layered ruffling.

Whatever style you decide to go with, we’ll help by giving you easy to follow style tips on what to do and what not to do as a spring race day fashion beginner. We’ll also look at top Australian fashion muses and suggest how to emulate their style and for the ultimate race day fashionista, we’ll look at the hottest trends to follow this coming race season. Guarantee yourself a winning look and feel hot to trot this spring racing season.

Do’s & Don’ts –A Beginner’s Guide to Race Day Fashion

Never been to the races before? Overwhelmed by the thought of what to wear? Well, have no fear, check out our simple guide for winning fashion style tips this spring racing season and you’ll be guaranteed a winning look that leaves you feeling like a champion.

It’s hard not to feel a little nervous about making the perfect fashion choice at one of the most prestigious fashion events of the year, especially when you are attending for the first time. Nevertheless, always remember that it’s just as much about having fun as it is looking fabulous, so smile because that’s always the best accessory.

Here are 10 steps to look and feel fabulous at your first race day event!

Image source: theraces.com

1. Millinery Is Key

Not only is millinery heaps of fun to wear, but it’s also a race day tradition so a great fascinator is a must! Whether you choose a hat, crown or traditional fascinator, your selection is essential in setting the tone for your race day outfit. Experiment with an abundant range of colours and textures. Bold shapes and forms are bound to set you apart and create fashion envy amongst the crowd.

2. Avoid The Mini Dress

As a general rule avoid the mini dress look at race day functions purely for obvious reasons such as all day comfort and general classic race etiquette. If you do consider to go a little shorter in length, opt for a fuller skirt so you have ample room to move around effortlessly without revealing too much. So save your racy mini for your next girls night out!

3. Complete Your Style

Think about the complete look from head to toe. This includes how you will style your hair, makeup and what accessories you will wear. Pre-planning these elements will help you avoid mismatching or overloading your final look. When in doubt keep it simple. As a beginner, it is always better to understand the race day concept and feel comfortable rather than making a bold statement.  A great tip for beginners is: don’t work with more than three colours and also a great way to inject colour into your look is through jewellery, handbags and belts.

Image source: katewaterhouse.com

4.  Shoe Prep

Shoes are one of the most important elements to consider on race day as they complement your entire look. Realistically speaking, you will have to pretty much stand in them all day and there is most likely going to be outdoor grassed areas. Consider wearing a block heel for convenience and comfort to avoid having to carry your shoes at the end of the day, which as reluctant as you may be not to do so post-race day, can easily happen even to the best of us. A great tip is to practice wearing your unworn shoes a few times for at least half an hour on uneven surfaces and grassed areas before your race day event to ensure that you will be able to wear them effortlessly on the day. This may seem a little excessive but trust me, you will thank me later when all your friends are limping along in agony and you’re simply walking on air like the legend you truly are. At the end of the day, there is nothing worse than sore feet at a spring racing day so make your decision a good and comfortable one!

Image source: melbourneandgeorgette.com

5. Pre Prep

When attending a big event, pre prep is great for avoiding a last minute stress fest. By getting some beauty treatments done you ensure you are fabulous and event day ready.

The 3 key areas you want to focus on are:

Extra tip:Remember it’s daylight, so avoid heavy make-up!

6. Don’t Over Tan

When opting for a fake tan, it’s important to be cautious in not go over-the-top with the self-tanner. Don’t go too crazy, get a light subtle shade as it will look more natural and complement your outfit. The biggest mistake people make is over tanning. Not only does your tan look highly intensified outdoors in the natural light, but it also can look super orange against a light shade outfit and completely clash!

7. Avoid Showing Too Much Skin

It is important to consider how much skin you expose on race day. Although it is generally an outdoor event, race day is an elite daytime function and there is a traditional race wear code to consider. Avoid shorter hemlines and low cut tops and instead, compensate with dramatic sleeve styles or longer sheer overlay hemlines for a more modern edge. The main thing to remember is that it’s all about balance.

Image source: theraces.com

8. Apply Sunscreen

Look after your skin! The last thing you want is to end up looking as red as a lobster after a long day in the sun. Make sure you apply a lightweight non-greasy sunscreen to your back and shoulders if they are exposed, as well as a tinted moisturiser to your face to avoid blush pink blistering. Do not underestimate overcast weather – just because it’s a cloudy day does not mean that you’re not at risk of burning!

9. Dress For Your Body Shape

We so often make the mistake of following fashion trends that may not necessarily suit our body type, resulting in us both looking and feeling uncomfortable. Although your outfit should reflect your personal style, it should also complement your body type. Choose a cut that is right for you. If you have larger hips opt for a flared skirt or for broader shoulders, choose a bodice with short sleeves. Sizing is also very important and as you are walking around all day make sure your outfit is not too small or too big and fits right. Whatever your choice may be, the main thing to remember is always make sure you feel super comfortable in your look.

Image source: vogue.com

10.  The Back-Up Plan

Last but certainly not least, always have a backup plan. Although it’s generally ideal to focus on the positives in life it’s also important to consider the ‘What if scenario?’ Consider a last minute weather change, a pet damaging your outfit or perhaps a last minute major tear. You may see this as a little unnecessary, but experience and murphy’s law will tell you that ‘what can go wrong, will go wrong’. We believe it’s better to be safe than sorry, especially if you are a first time race goer and you don’t want a little hiccup to ruin your experience all for nothing. So take our advice and always have a backup outfit for your race day event.

Image source: vogue.com

So, What Do I Pack In My Clutch?

It’s bound to be a long day out, so don’t forget to pack these goodies in your bag come race day:

  1. I.D/Ticket
  2. Bank card/cash
  3. Phone/Portable charger
  4. Lipstick/lip balm
  5. Band-aids/Shoe gels
  6. SPF/Deodorant
  7. Bobby pins/fashion tape
  8. Tissues/Mints

Race Day Muse – A Regulars Guide To Race Day Fashion

Are you a regular race day attendee? Want to look like your favourite celebrity at your next event? Well, we’re here to help you out. Take a look at our top 5 iconic celebrity spring race day fashionistas and it could be just what you need to inspire your next race day look.

We look at 5 different styles that will make you feel on top of your game. Whether it’s architectural shapes you’re after, sheer textured fabrics, elegant cutouts or a bold injection of colour, you’ll no doubt find something to impress.

Here are 5 iconic celebrity styles to try at your next spring race day event!

‘The Colour Pop Queen’

Image source: popsugar.com

All hail the Queen of Australian Racing! Jennifer Hawkins always seems to command the stage at every race day event in a vibrant manner. A bold pop of colour is a must when it comes to Jen’s race day style. So if you are after a bolder look, vibrant brights are a must for you. Embrace this bold colour trend and feel fresh and fun. To complete this look, add a pair of strappy black heels and an architecturally fanned headpiece.

‘The Classic Beauty’

Image source: vogue.com

She’s the master of all things form fitted and well-tailored, making her a true winner come race day.

Kate’s style is sophisticated yet has classic appeal – making her outfit choices timeless. Black and navy hues are staples for Kate – she adds edge with controlled cutouts and thick lace textures, yet still remains lovely and ladylike with longer hemlines and full covered necklines. For that demure look at your next race day function be sure to emulate her style.

‘The Full Skirt Darling’

Image source: vogue.com

Jodi is a regular and strong fashion player at race day events and she always keeps it super cool when it comes to her outfit choices. Channel her graceful, chic style with a voluminous, full skirt dress for the ultimate Aussie girl-next-door statement. Feel fresh in neutral tones and weave textured fabrics for a perfect day out on the field. To complete your look, keep accessories minimal and delicate. For complementary drama, add a textured headband.

‘The Floral Princess’

Image source: dailymail.uk

Jesinta Franklin looks as pretty as a flower in this elegant number. A nude slip embraced by a light chiffon cap dress encrusted with an array of embroidered florals is the perfect combination of feminine glamour. Jesinta’s chic style is oh-so-appropriate for spring carnival season, making us want to channel her look. To complete your look, opt for a jewelled crown fascinator and nude heels.

‘The Print Goddess’

Image source: streetsmith.com

Social media star Nadia Bartel pulls off this fun printed midi piece gracefully. Her simple tailored midi dress speaks volumes, adding a modern twist with dynamic cutouts and a mid-leg split, this style will have you looking blissfully modern in no time. Nadia’s selection of a bold print is a great way to add a youthful edge to your look.

Upcoming Trends – A Pro’S Guide To Race Day Fashion

So you’re the quintessential fashion regular at calendar race day events. Well, sit back, relax and let us take you through the ultimate guide to help you ace your next on trend fashion look. We take a look at some of the upcoming trends for the 2017 spring racing season that are sure have you feeling like a fashion high roller. Our up to the moment fashion selections will have you inspired and feeling ready to hit the field.

Browse our top 5 fashion trend picks for the upcoming spring racing season, ranging from a selection of indulgent textured lace to alluring draped silk pieces or perhaps you’ll make the ultimate statement with a bold exaggerated sleeve, perfect for that semi season look.

Here are top 5 spring fashion trends to try at your next race day event!

1. Refined Cutouts

Image source: L-R tumblr ; tumblr

This refined look showcases edgy cut-outs, a style that we are so in love with at the moment! Opt for a cropped sleeve midi with bodycon fit for a super flattering silhouette, or perhaps you prefer a ruffled hemline for that more relaxed fit. Complement this style with an angular cutout plunged neckline for some added edge to your next race day look. Geometric cutouts at the waist are also a great way to add illusion, combined with an asymmetric split this look is sure to have you feeling as confident as ever.

Pair with a chic headpiece, red lips and a strappy heel for the perfect Derby Day look!

2. Textured Lace

Image source: L-R Vici Collections; This Is Glamorous

Lace is known for being a staple when it comes to race day looks. Although traditionally seen as delicate in nature, this season lace takes the stage with a more demure and heavy textured look. A contrast between lines and shapes in the lacing structure creates a more dynamic and bold look.

This look features many intricate layers of textured detailed lace. Opt for a dress with a midi hemline or add a full length sleeve for that sheer see through look.

Add a bold dark red lip and a light smoky eye for an even more dramatic look.

3. Exaggerated Sleeves

Image source: L-R Tumblr; Pinterest

Exaggerated sleeves are the ultimate statement piece; the architecturally alluring look is perfect for that semi season. Flaunt something a little different this season with a full length dramatic flared sleeve or perhaps an off the shoulder midi sleeve draped beautifully against the arm for a fresh feminine look.  A dramatic off the shoulder sleeve draped in a balloon shape against a fitted silhouette bodice will give you the ultimate contemporary look. Feel bold and sophisticated at your next spring race day event.

Pair this gorgeous look with a peach lip and some statement earrings to bring it all together.

4. Draped Silks

Image source: L-R Tumblr; Pinterest

The oh so indulgent, drape silk dress in a silk satin finish will have you feeling super chic in a matter of minutes. This luxe style is incredibly versatile and suits most body types making it an all-round winner. Try this look in a beautiful cream tone for that perfect daytime look. A gorgeous fluid draped skirt cinched at the waist adds the perfect amount of textural dimension to the dress creating a free flowing form. For a soft and feminine look try this style at your next race day function.

Complete the romantic look with a pair of strappy heels, a high ponytail and neutral makeup.

5. Fabulous Frills

Image source: L-R Moda Operandi; Elie Saab

This fun look features flirty cut-outs, demure high necklines, cinched waists and delicate frills so hit the trifecta at you next race day with this fabulously lush look. Free flowing hemlines, complemented with layers upon layers of ruffled trimming is bound to get everyone’s attention at your next race day event. Look flirty and feminine in no time, statement ruffles cascading down your figure will create the perfect simple, clean angelic look you desire. So go on… what you waiting for? Feel fabulous with a flare and frilled outfit at your next function.

Rock a peach lip and add some soft wavy curls to your hair for that super feminine look!

Add To Your Look – Trending Crown Millinery

Be inspired and follow our top 5 trending crown millenary looks to complete your outfit this spring race season!

1. The Jewelled Headband

Image source: L-R Pinterest; Livingly

Headbands are such a hot look right now! From the runways of Milan to your wardrobe, Dolce and Gabbana have bought this look alive in their Fall 2012 Ready to Wear Collection with their robust celebration of all things Italian chic. This look leaves us wanting more, even years after its debut on the catwalk. Experiment and play homage to all things over the top Venetian chic style. The jewelled headband is the perfect complement to elevate your outfit style this race season. To recreate this look, opt for a tailored outfit and style your hair simple, with a low bun or messy plait, allowing your headpiece to shine and be the main star, creating that over the top indulgent ethereal look. Your friends will be screaming Mama Mia!

2. The Sheer Veil Overlay

Image source: L-R Pinterest; Popsugar.com

The sheer veil overlay is a great choice for those looking to add some drama to their spring race day look. Ever so chic, this bold take on the classic veil is this season’s must have accessory. Add elegance with a pearl encrusted net veil or keep it simple with sheer delicate lace. This headpiece blends in effortlessly with your hair, while covering your eyes and nose comfortably and creating a flawless modern edgy look. Create contrasting magic with a sheer veil overlay in sultry black or, perhaps opt for a softer finish in a white overlay veil and you’ll be sure to feel truly timeless at your next spring racing day event.

3. The Understated Hat

Image source: L-R Pinterest; Pinterest

Simple yet effective, is probably the best way to describe this look. The understated hat is a great way to add some lady like flair to your look and keep your face protected from the sun on race day.

What could be better than making a bold fashion statement and looking after your skin at the same time. This look gets a massive thumbs up from us here at GlamCorner, as we are all for fashion with a good cause. The great thing to remember about this look is that you can re-use your hat again at a later date for another function. Adding a brooch gives your hat a completely updated look to wear again at your next fabulous function. So for a super practical choice go with the understated hat look.

4. The Floral Crown

Image source: L- R TheRaces.com; Instagram @theracesau

The floral crown is key in sweet and romantic race day styling. A modern take on the classic flower fascinator, the floral crown is the perfect contemporary race day accessory. Stand out at your next race day event in an elegant headpiece embellished with faux leather petals making you feel whimsical and oh-so girly. Petals are placed beautifully to the headband making it an incredibly easy accessory piece to wear. Experiment with a range of different colour combinations and textures to add some serious floral flair to your outfit this spring racing season with the floral crown. Choose this versatile accessory piece for your next race day function and you’ll be as pretty as a flower!

5. The Geometric Tiara

Image source: L-R Pinterest; Instagram @theracesau

The geometric tiara will without a doubt add a modern edge to your spring race day look. Embellished with geometric triangular shapes and forms used to frame the face, it’s sure to make you stand out in the crowd this spring race season. Experiment with different metal textures and finishes to create this style. Think polished tones for a more refined look or brushed worn metal tones for more of a vintage style feel. This is a perfect way to keep your look minimal yet still create drama, the geometric tiara is so diverse it can be worn with almost any style of outfit making it your fuss free go to look this season. Go get em!

The important thing to remember this coming spring race carnival season is to have fun and experiment with your fashion style. Don’t be afraid to try new and exciting looks and when in doubt, always remember less is more!

So there you have it, just a few tips and tricks to get you in the mood for the upcoming Australian spring race season. You’ll be sure to master your desired look and feel great from head to toe in no time, no matter your level of race day fashion experience. Recreate these looks and trust us, you will not be disappointed.

At GlamCorner we ship directly to your front door, so go on, what are you waiting for! Browse through an extensive collection of dresses, accessories and fascinators and get the look for a fraction of the retail price today.

So start planning now ladies, and we’ll see you dressed to impress on the field this spring racing season!

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