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Spring Wedding Guest Hairstyle Ideas

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September 19, 2016

spring wedding hairstyles for guests
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You’ve been invited to a spring wedding which is only about a week from now. The outfit is sorted, the shoes and accessories picked out – but what about the hair? Spring wedding hairstyles are all about fuss-free, loose and romantic tresses. Think Rapunzel or Aphrodite-esque locks; soft, flowing and ultra feminine. Experiment with braids and twists as opposed to the classic up-do or ballerina bun, and incorporate a bit of the Spring atmosphere by adding flowers or floral crowns to the hair for an even more dreamy, delightful look.

Top 5 Spring Wedding Guest Hairstyles

bridal up do for bob length hairstyles for wedding
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Loose, textured combinations. This Spring 2016 spring wedding hair trends has seen the use of adding and enhancing natural texture of the hair by finger curling, adding random braids and using a more randomized approach to curling for that more natural, no-fuss look. The polished curl is too structured for this season. Instead, invest in a good quality texturizing spray or sea salt spray and curl only random strands of the hair, leaving some strand straight and others curled. Instyle magazine had uncovered the Best Texturizing Sprays for Each and Every Hair Type. This hairstyle is perfect for a more relaxed, bohemian style dress. For an even more feminine twist, add some floral sprigs and intertwine these in the curls.

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A loose side braid has that beautiful Rapunzel charm. A romantic hairstyle suitable for longer hair, try a french braid and use your fingers to gently pull apart the braid sections for a more softer, less structured look. This works wonderfully with a simple plait too, just gently pull each side of the plait throughout the entire length of the braid to give off that uneven yet whimsical look. You can add decorative flowers in parts or simply style with a floral headpiece such as this Morgan and Taylor fascinator. A side braid is perfect for a strapless or off the shoulder style dress.

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loose chignon
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The chignon is a spring wedding hairstyle favourite. Perfect for any style of dress, a loose chignon can look both elegant and relaxed. For something different, try parting the hair down the side and let strands fall loose around your face for a romantic look. Incorporate the season’s texture trend by curling random sections of the hair first, and then scooping it up into a carefully undone chignon at the nape of the neck. Begin by combing through a volumizing mousse, then curl random sections with your curl iron and divide your hair into a deep side part before pinning into a loose chignon, letting strands fall where the may. Finish with a light hairspray.

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You know that effect you get after taking your hair-tie out from a ponytail? Embrace the kink of your natural hair or re-create this look by adding a volume powder at the roots of the hair and use a flat iron to straighten the hair root to tip. Next, use the flat iron to create two or three ‘bends’ or kinks at ear-level in sections around the head for a soft halo effect. This look is perfect for short hair too. Finish by spritzing some shine spray and add a ornamental headband for a put-together look.

crown braid spring wedding hairstyle
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A braided crown is a modern and romantic twist on the classic up-do. A braid across the crown of the head will add more volume and height, so it is perfect for straight or fine hair that tends to lack volume. It is also a perfect hairstyle to complement an embellished dress or a gown with intricate detail around the neck and chest. To achieve this gorgeous, organic look, first seperate hair into two low pigtails. Braid both sections and secure with small clear eleastics. Next, pull one braid up to the top of your head and pin with a bobby pin. Repeat on the opposite side, pinning in line with the first braid to create a perfect crown. For added softness, try loosening a couple of strands around the ears and let them fall naturally. Add flowers in the braid for a gorgeous spring wedding hairstyle.

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